Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Too tired for a real update, just wanted to let all of you know that it seems this latest reprieve from the stomach pain and nausea for Hannah seems to be over. She left school at noon on Friday, and slept until 6pm. Today she came home again at noon and slept until 5pm. 

Her words this weekend just tugged at my heart..."why does everything bad happen to me?"

Off for more research and to bed :)



Mylese said...

We are praying that you feel better, Hannah.

The Reyes Family

Anonymous said...

Hannah, Sorry to hear you've been feeling so puny. Hope you are feeling better soon.

Angela said...

We are sending get better prayers your way Hannah girl! Take care sweetie!

Love, Angela

Anonymous said...

Hi Miss Hannah!
I am sorry you continue to feel so yucky. I am praying for you to feel better.
I hope you can enjoy the weekend!
Hugs.. Amy, ^Kasey's^ mom