Monday, October 12, 2009

Let's start off with the continuing good news, Hannah had a brain MRI today and again, ALL CLEAR! Usually I post ahead of time about upcoming MRI's but this time was a bit different. Hannah had been complaining about headaches for a few weeks now. Besides that, she has been saying she was dizzy, almost more of a feeling that she was going to faint, rather than dizzy. She also has been having some morning sickness again. All of these symptoms can point to a few different problems-one of them being tumor recurrence. I just couldn't bring myself to put it down here, because that would make it more of a reality.

Hannah's MRI was at 9am this morning. We had to be there at 8am in order for her to get her iv started first, and make it to MRI in time. She did great this time in getting the iv in, with hardly a movement and just a few tears. The MRI was quick, only brain this time. We got the results back around 3pm, what a relief! She wasn't very happy with me for taking this picture-this was on our way down to MRI, with the iv in her arm.

So let's back up to the rest of the weekend. Friday started off with Hannah's sleepover at our house. She had been planning and planning this night, with lists all over the house. She made a big welcome sign for the five girls that came, we had make-your-own pizzas, Zubber (weird rubber play dough), smores on the backyard fire pit, jiffy pop, movie and laughing into the night (until about 12:30am.) Loads of fun, Hannah loves to be the host.

Saturday we had horseback riding and began preparing the Halloween goodie bags for the hospital. This is something we have been preparing for for quite a while, ordering goodies online, shopping locally. Hannah decided that this year she would like to take the Halloween bags for the oncology kids at Schneiders. She spent a lot of time up front on ordering just the right goodies for the bags. 400 bags!! The hospital celebrates Halloween during the entire week, and sees about 50 children a day, so 400 bags would suffice for the kids and their siblings. Boy did we have fun putting them together, most bags for the kids that can have food, about 100 for kids who can not eat anything, and 4 bags for the kids in transplant. We ALL got involved in putting them together, Hannah and I made Dave stuff the candy!

There is a part 2 to this-when I explained to Hannah that we would not be at clinic during Halloween to hand out the bags, she wasn't very happy. She loves to do projects like this, but even more, she loves to be personally involved. She wants to be the one handing out things to kids. So, we made a compromise that we had to get approved by the hospital first. We decided to take pumpkins in for the kids to decorate. We got pumpkins donated from several local places-thank you Diane-and took them in today so that Hannah could hand them out to the kids. She decorated a few with Faye from Childlife, and probably would have stayed all day decorating the rest of them.

Back to Saturday-we had to wash and wipe all of the pumpkins before we took them into the kids. After that, Hannah wanted to make a "big sugar cookie" for the Hofstra softball team her "adoptive family." Here she is doing the icing.

Sunday morning we left early to make it to Hofstra's first game of the day. They were all happy to see her, and Hannah loves getting together with them. It was a beautiful day, and we had a good time watching them WIN the first game. Someone brought out visors for the girls, since it was bright and sunny and we had a hard time seeing the field. Here is Hannah surrounded by the team with their cookie she made for them. She just loves going there. We really missed seeing Kayleigh pitch, but we saw Olivia instead, a freshman pitcher who did a great job.

We had to pick up a few more goodies for the Halloween bags, and did that on our way home. We closed the pool, finally, on Sunday afternoon. Did I mention we got the CO last week from the town? FINALLY!! Sunday evening we finished the goodies bags, and packed the car with our wagon full of pumpkins, 2 more boxes of pumpkins and 5 boxes of treat bags.

Hannah and I left bright and early this morning at 6:15am to make it to the hospital by 7:45am. That's the "rest" of the story, whew! Hope your weekend was fun, and a bit less busy than ours!



Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! You guys are so busy! I love that your treating all the kids up at the hospital with Halloween goodies. Halloween is one of our favorite here at our house.
Sounds like Hannah is a fabulous host. Smores by the fire.. I LOVE those!
But.. Most of all.. I am so HAPPY to hear that the MRI report came back great! Phew.. what a relief for you I am sure! I am so happy to hear that~

Keep up the good work Hannah! Big Hugs for the whole family!

Amy.. ^Kasey's^ mom

Mylese said...

Wonderful to hear about the beautifully clear MRI! I haven't read the news in a while, and was so happy to see this post! Hope you had a fabulous Halloween and I hope Thanksgiving will be even better.

Much Love,
The Reyes Family