Sunday, March 28, 2010

Colby just informed me that it is time to update the blog, so here I am! The girls are on spring break this week, so we're all happy about that. We don't have any plans to go out of town, lots of little things to do. Hannah has to go back to the dermatologist this week to check to be sure that the last mole was completely removed. We will also check her whole body for any other marks.

Here are some pictures of us at the bird sanctuary in Southampton. It's a really cool place, birds land right on your hand...or head!

We had Hannah's teacher conference this week. She is doing remarkably well, with her two lowest marks in science and math (the only 2 categories in which she is below grade level). Her biggest challenges are processing speed, memory retention, planning and organizational skills, attention deficits, fatigue and nausea. Umm, think that's enough? Her teacher this year in 5th grade is also the same teacher she had for 4th grade and we love her. She has such a good understanding of Hannah's issues, and has been able to see the progress that Hannah has made over the last two years. She makes modifications when Hannah needs them, and knows how to motivate Hannah. Next month Hannah has two state tests-the English/Language Arts and only 2 weeks later the math state test. Frankly I could care less what her scores are, but the tests must be taken.

Her teacher did recommend that Hannah be tested for an IEP-Individualized Education Plan. Public schools are required to develop an IEP for every student with a disability who is found to meet the federal and state requirements for special education. Up to this point Hannah has had what is called a 504 plan-which is different from an IEP in that it usually only makes accommodations for physical issues for a disabled student. Our school has been very good about providing anything that Hannah has needed, even under her 504 plan. Anything we have asked for, they have provided. However, now that Hannah will be in 6th grade next year, she will need an IEP to qualify for some accommodations-especially in math. Six grade math moves very quickly, and we know that Hannah will struggle. With an IEP in place, she will be able to be pulled out only for math, which moves at a much slower pace. She will have to qualify for an IEP-I believe the testing is similar to the neuropsychology testing she has had done.

Enough of that-Hannah did participate in the science fair this weekend. Here she is with her project-Temperature and Crystals. She had note cards prepared to help her explain the project to the judge, and she did well. She wanted to do a food project because she likes to cook.

As far as me, I'm 2 weeks post surgery now and not doing great, unfortunately. It was bladder surgery that was supposed to be relatively easy. I have been back to the doctor about 12 times, spent a day in the ER and had many complications which probably don't need to be spelled out here. Mom and dad stayed on for an extra week after Colby's birthday to help, which was definitely a big help since I couldn't drive and am still on Valium. Back to the doctor again tomorrow, still keeping an open mind.

Happy Spring everyone, let's hope it starts to feel like it soon!


Mylese said...

It was fun catching up on everyone! Surgery?!?!? I hope you are back to feeling normal, Kim. I can't believe how much the girls have grown. We have a 13 year old now, too. Crazy, isn't it? Hannah, your Science Fair Project looks awesome! Keep up the good work in school!

Carla said...

First of all...Happy belated Birthday to both you and Colby!!

Your family trip to the bird sanctuary looks like it was fun!! It has to be something different to have a bird willingly land on top of your head or in your hand.

Super glad to hear Hannah is doing well in school; I'll send up extra prayers for her come state test time.

Looks like an awesome Science Fair project; from what I can see, it's very well thought out and put together.

I also hope things have started looking up for you: I'll send prayers up for you and your whole family.

Happy Spring to you too...and is there any chance Summer will be here soon!?!