Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Hannah was invited to spend last Saturday with her Hofstra softball team. They were holding a Friends of Jaclyn day (the organization that matched Hannah up with the team for adoption) to honor Hannah and two other kids that are adopted by the Hofstra baseball team and the Hofstra girls softball team. Because of scheduling, Hannah was the only FOJ kid at the game.

The team is just so welcoming to Hannah each time we are there. Hannah was very excited to go, but as soon as we get there, she is very shy, almost not speaking at all! She always gets so shy when we are around the team, unlike her everyday normal. It made me remember something Hannah's neurosurgeon said to us after her surgery. A couple days following her initial brain surgery, Hannah was withdrawn and began to lose the use of her left side completely. Her doctor came in to talk to us about her progress and her issues. I will never forget that he said "the kids that are more aggressive and outspoken do better with recovery. Hannah seems to be more of a shy, withdrawn and sweet little girl. She doesn't have that aggression and fight in her." My initial thought was-WHAT???? He doesn't know the real Hannah. The Hannah we knew was spirited, funny and always the life of the party, the center of the group. Not a fighter? He had no idea how much of a fighter she was. And when she couldn't fight anymore, we stepped in to hold her up, to push her when she needed to be pushed and to just hold her when she needed some down time. She fought through and she made it. She still fights every day, and often reminds me how wrong that doctor was and still is.

So, I digress!! Hannah went out and warmed up with the team and spent some time hanging out with them as they prepared for their game. The time came to throw out the first pitch and Hannah was so nervous. She has done it before, but for some reason she didn't want to go out there this time. I knew she would do it when the time came.
Coach Anderson walked her out, and the team was there to back her up. Another strike, she did great! It was a beautiful day and we sat back and enjoyed the rest of the game, which they WON! The team is having an awesome season and they are very good! It is absolutely a wonderful group of girls and coaches.

After the first game, Hannah went down and gave the team the big top cupcake she made and decorated for them. They aren't allowed to have sweets during the games so they saved it for later to eat. She also got to write up the roster for the second game with Coach Williams. She thought that was pretty cool.

Hannah decided that for the next game, instead of baking something for the team, she is making them a video (so, Hofstra if you are reading this, act surprised!) So, we took lots of pictures that day, and she has already started putting together the video. I will share it when it's completed. Thank you to the entire Hofstra team and to Friends of Jaclyn. You have really made a difference to Hannah and our family.


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