Sunday, December 19, 2010

I changed the picture on the blog tonight to Hannah preparing the stockings for Jackie's Pay It Forward stocking drive. Of course she had fun buying everything and stuffing the stockings.

Things are in overdrive now. My sister and niece arrive Tuesday, my parents on Thursday. We are hoping they bring some of that Midwest snow with them.

Hannah and I have been busy baking cookies, she would bake every day if she could. I have been in contact with her oncologist regarding her symptoms following her short dose of steroids. She has continued to regress. She still has daily headaches, she isn't eating again in the mornings and has been complaining that her stomach hurts especially in the mornings. Ugh, poor thing. I feel so badly for her, it must really stink to feel bad EVERY day. She has been making it to school though, so she isn't falling behind. The other night as I was putting her to bed she was crying and told me her life was the "worst ever." I thought-here it comes-this whole cancer thing has finally gotten to her and this is it. But, what she said to me was "I hate going to school." She said she wants to be home schooled, and doesn't care if she misses out on seeing her friends at school, and some of the fun things. I think school is much harder for her than any of us can even imagine. We get a little taste of it helping her with homework. She works very hard to keep up, and maybe that's part of her headaches???? Enough hypothesizing for now!

It's almost Christmas and I feel blessed to be able to share it with all of my family here with us this year. This includes all of our extended family...all of you! May you all have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and healthy New Year. Please keep all of our cancer family in your thoughts and prayers, there are so many spending this holiday in the hospital or in heaven.


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Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas! We hope you all have a wonderful Holiday!!

The Reyes Family