Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone! I realized I didn't update after Hannah got out of the hospital. No news is good news I guess. No news is what we got. Her EEG showed nothing, which is good and bad at the same time. At this point, the doctors don't have a diagnosis, but their best guess is some kind of partial seizure. I think their second guess is that I'm crazy or making this up, so we'll stick with the first choice.

After our hospital visit, Hannah had a check up with a neuro-ophthalmologist. All was clear. He suggested it could be some kind of seizure or a nervous tick of some sort. Again, going with option number 1. I spoke at length with Hannah's pediatrician, who believes these eye episodes don't have any characteristics of a nervous tick. He hasn't seen anything like this either.

We prepared a big packet of information to be sent to Hannah's radiologist that treated her in Boston and she is going to review it for us. She already told us that this isn't something they have seen in medulloblastoma kids treated there for radiation, so we  know it's not a common side effect.

We also sent an email to Hannah's neurosurgeon. He recommended a cardiac evaluation for Hannah. He said that sometimes cardiac arrhythmias can cause transient neurological issues. That is next on our list after the new year.

We meet with our neurologist on January 3rd. We were told in the hospital that they recommended trying an anti-seizure medication to see if that helps. If it does, it's a seizure. If not, it's not. That's what I call pretty sophisticated medicine!

Hannah did have bloodwork at the beginning of December to prepare for her endocrinology appointment in a couple of weeks. It looks to me like a few of the levels are off, namely her IGF (growth factor) as well as the Vitamin D (some of it). These results are usually pretty difficult to interpret, for me, so we will wait and see what the doctor recommends. I do know that her growth factor has not been this low before. Courtesy of her radiation, thank you very much.

We are in Indiana for Christmas, at Grandma and Grandpa's house, so everyone is happy. We don't have any snow this year, so no sledding, but lots of other fun things. We're off to see a movie in a bit! I will update again after the new year. We hope everyone has a safe, happy and healthy 2012!!


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