Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I can't believe it's June already. Hannah's birthday is the 6th, this Saturday. My mom and dad are coming in on Thursday for the weekend and everyone is all excited. Today is Tuesday and I haven't done anything yet to prepare, how exciting is that?

Anyway, I have the pictures ready from the Relay. I wish I had better pictures of our tree, but it was so crazy that night it seems like everything went by so quickly. It was so beautiful at night, with all the lights shining and the gold "leaf" ribbons. It was worth all the work. We are now donating it to a lady who will be using it for her vacation bible school this summer.

All together we raised $215 from Hannah's duck game and the Tree of Hope. We also raised $1143 from our Quarters Lap. That is 4,572 quarters. WOW!! We were so happy with that. Next year we hope for it to be bigger and better, lining the whole track entirely. Wouldn't that be something?

One last note, Hannah had a foot xray on Saturday morning to check for abnormalities or fractures. Nothing showed up, so we still don't know why she is having pain. A friend told me yesterday that someone she knew just finished her treatment for breast cancer. She said the one lingering problem she has is foot pain. It is constant foot pain, and no one can find a reason for it. Interesting I thought, same thing that Hannah is experiencing. Hannah really overdid it at Relay. By nighttime, she couldn't walk at all. She was crying in pain. She didn't want to leave, she was expecting to spend the night with all of us, but she had to go home.

Here are some photos, enjoy!



Heide said...

So awesome!!!! The pictures are amazing! Thanks for sharing! The tree is SO COOL, and of course I really love the quarters lap! Definitely considering stealing that idea for next year. You'll have to email me and fill me in on the specifics!!!

I've heard that neuropathy from treatments can get quite bad in the feet. I suppose they've looked into that? I sure hope she feels better for her birthday!!! SPECIAL DAY!!! (For us both!) :)

m/o ^Jessica^ (Forever 17) & Jake (18)

Anonymous said...

the tree is awesome, the family is truly beautiful, inside and out. You all are such amazing people with strength, faith and love that belies the norm. My life has been blessed knowing you all.
Happy Birthday Hannah Banana! We are both Geminis...the crazy ones (-:
Karenann Volinski aka Mrs V

Anonymous said...

You guys look so awesome! I am glad there was lots of fun to be had from Relay. Tell Hannah.. that we couldn't walk after Relay either. One of my friends daughters had to be carried back to our tent site and had ice put on her feet. We were all broken! But.. we are on the mend. I am hoping Miss Hannah feels better soon.
Thinking of you all often and hoping summer holds some wonderful things for you guys.
Happy Birthday Miss Hannah!! Have a great weekend!

Amy.. ^Kasey's^ mom