Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Sorry for not posting sooner, time just gets away from me. Grandma and Grandpa were here for Hannah's birthday, which was great. We had a lot of fun, even though it was very short!

Speaking of short, this is going to be a very short update because I'm tired and I have poison ivy all over my body which is spreading by the minute. It's either that, or a reaction to the new lyme meds I started today (maybe it's both)

Hannah had a great birthday, she is now double digits (10 years old)

She is having a sleepover birthday party this Friday, fun fun!

Tomorrow we go for a pediatric dexa scan at a place near the hospital, so hopefully these results will be more reliable.

This Monday, Hannah has 4 MRI's. She is having her brain MRI as well as her 3 spinal MRI's. They don't usually do them all at one time, it's just so very long but we will.

This Monday Hannah also has her meeting with the peds orthopedist. I'm hoping he can provide some insight on the foot pain.

We've been working on sending out all of our luminary pictures to those that ordered them from us. Yours is coming soon if you haven't seen it already!

Last but not least, Chester is doing well (the hamster.)

Will update more soon, of course with pictures!


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cildar said...

Dear Hannah and Colby,
Thank you so much for painting the luminaire bags. "Boston College", the "Boston Red Sox" and a suprise for us, the one for the "Hat Man from Boston" who was having radiation for Prostate Cancer and met you, Hannah at the Mass General Hospital. Mom sent us a picture of each of them which we will treasure.
So, sorry about the Yankees losing when they recently played the Red Sox. This year the Sox have won 8 against the Yankees, who have won none. Dear Hannah, keep the Red Sox hat handy that "the Man from Boston" gave you. I think you'll be needing it.
Love, the Griffins