Monday, September 21, 2009

Happy last day of summer everyone. We're still here, getting adjusted to our new school routine. On day 5 of school Hannah came home early with a stomach ache. She also called today and wanted to come home right after lunch, but I made a deal with her, and she stayed. She told the nurse that we were weaning her medicines, and she was having stomach aches. I had not told her about the weaning of the meds, because I didn't want her to know. The doctor mentioned it in front of her during her last appointment, so that's where she heard it. I told her the day that she came home that I was putting it back to her old dose-although I didn't. This will be a very slow taper down, since last time she really crashed when we lowered her dosage too quickly. Following that, we had to double both of her nausea meds, so she has been on pretty high doses since then. We just don't want a repeat of that, so we're moving very slowly this time.

Other than that, school has been going well for Hannah. She has been able to do the normal amount of homework so far, although she does need assistance from me to get started. She started her pre-teaching today, going in a half an hour early to get extra help. That worked so well last year, so we're doing it again this year.

Hannah also started swim team last week on Thursdays. It's now indoor at Safe-T-Swim. Hannah was reluctant to go in, but one of the instructors recognized her and came over to help her out. It's really a great exercise for Hannah, and she seemed to enjoy it, after the help from Katie. Hannah also starts chorus tomorrow before school, started piano last week, and went back to horseback riding after being off for 4 weeks. Things are back in full swing, religion starts also next week. Don't think we can fit much more in, and don't want to. Let's see how long we can keep with up comfortably.

Hannah got a new hamster last weekend....this one is a teddy bear hamster she named Sunny. Sunny isn't very "out of the cage" friendly like Chester was, and that doesn't really make Hannah very happy. The hamster is pretty skittish out of the cage, so we're hoping that subsides after she gets a bit more used to us. The dogs haven't really figured out she's there, so far so good.

I guess I can finally announce our activities for this weekend. We have been planning this for several months, but now that it is a reality, I thought it was ok to "officially" announce it. The girls and I are participating in a half marathon/marathon on Saturday in East Hampton. I decided several months ago that I was going to run the half marathon (13 miles), and after a friend signed us up, it was a done deal. I noticed they had a race for kids also, and the girls agreed to sign up for a marathon. NO-not all on one day-here is how it works: they had to run/walk a total of 25.2 miles prior to next weekend's race. They logged their miles, and it has to be signed off on prior to the race. They have both reached their goal! On the day of the race, they have a one mile kids fun run, making their total a 26.2 miles-a full marathon. The only problem is that my race starts at 8am, and the kids begin at 8:15am. I wish I could see them do their run, but Dave will be there with them. Kind of ironic that the "real runner" of the family is the only one not running. I figure that I'll be going so slowly that I may actually get to see some of their race..ha ha. Wish us luck!

Please remember that September is National Childhood Cancer Awareness month. One easy thing to consider doing this week to help raise awareness-please sign the petition HERE. It only takes a minute of your time!

Pictures next time, I'm off to bed!

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