Thursday, September 24, 2009

On Tuesday, September 22nd, my grandma Stib passed away (my dad's mother). She lived a long and full life, she was 95 when she died. I am lucky that I have many great memories of my grandparents from when I was young, growing up right down the street from both sets of grandparents. So many friends of mine did not get to experience their grandparents when they were growing up.

Our family is traveling to Indiana today-in about an hour for the funeral services. We have decided to drive, since the flight times and prices were not so good for a last minute flight. My mom and dad have made the 13 hour trek several times, but we have never driven before. Cross your fingers that we make it with minimal traffic, minimal bathroom breaks and not too much head bobbing from drowsy drivers (that being Dave and I.) He is notorious for sleeping while driving. I haven't done that since I crashed my car once when falling asleep at 55mph. Ok, too much information!

Maybe Grandma heard my cries for mercy, and got me out of the half marathon...he he. Here is Grandma with Colby, Hannah and Sydney in 2006 (pre tumor for Hannah.)



Anonymous said...

Sending prayers your way for both sympathy and safe travels. Take care!

Love - Angela

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about your Grandmother, Kim. I do hope that your trip there and back are uneventful.

It's amazing how many activities the kids get into when it's back to school too!! Yikes, you sound kind of like me when I start listing where I'm going with my girls!!

Anonymous said...

Sorry that was me who forgot to sign my name above, Michelle Scheer

Anonymous said...

Much love and sympathy to you and your family. Safe trip. Love Karenann V

cildar said...

Oh boy, now I have to stay awake worrying about you and Dave falling asleep while driving to and from Indiana! I hope Hannah and Colby sing the whole way to keep everyone alert.

Dennis and I send our condolences on the death of your Grandmother. Dennis never met his Grandparents, who lived in Ireland and I never met my Grandparents on my Mom's side who also lived in Ireland. I met my Dad's parents just once. They came to America from London to visit us after the end of the Second World War. I have only a faint memory of them. Kim, you are very fortunate to have had that wonderful memory of living so near your Grandparents when you were growing up and I'm sure that as time goes on, you will fondly remember special times with your Grandmother.

It seems you were not too sad to miss the half marathon. I think I'll sign you up to run next year with our daughter Kerry, who ran a half marathon in Prospect Park in Brooklyn in the Spring. It ended at Coney Island and Kerry and her running friend jumped into the ocean to cool off.
Our Love to Hannah, Colby and Dave.
Judy and Dennis