Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Hannah's MRI results are in and all is stable! Whatever is now there in her head has not changed, which is good news. It's very strange for me to announce "stable." I have read blog after blog where parents announce "stable" with enthusiasm and relief. But in my mind, I have to say that I was never envious of "stable." Stable to me means that there is something there that is not supposed to be there. That something could be tumor or scar tissue or in our case, more of a mystery. But, it's something that shouldn't be there. Something that we have to monitor, to worry about, to wonder about. I really prefer NED-no evidence of disease, now that is great-nothing there that shouldn't be there. Just like the rest of us.

Clinic went well yesterday. Clinically Hannah is doing the same-daily headaches, morning stomach issues, fatigue. Her oncologist said he would like to get her somewhere between where she is now and perfect. He doesn't expect that she would feel perfect, but daily headaches at a 7/8 level are not ideal. He wanted to consult with the neurologist-who came in after but didn't offer any suggestions. She asked Hannah to maybe try and eat little bits of food more often??? She isn't my favorite doctor.

So for now, we will wait until the tumor board reviews the scans next week at their weekly meeting. Afterwards, we will find out when our next scan is scheduled for, possibly 3 months? 6 months out? Maybe they will have another idea also on something else to try to alleviate the headaches and morning nausea issues. I'm thinking maybe a month in Hawaii will do the trick! Ok, how about a week? I think right now I'll have to settle for a postcard on the fridge.



Cyndi said...

Let me guess who your neurologist was - did her last name start with a K (asian)? I am not a fan in general of Cohen's Neurology, the only one I like at all is the Chief- Maytal but we only see him when we are in-patient. I know that 'stable' is not the ideal words to hear but it is better than 'cancer' and it is better than 'we regret to tell you....' so in comparison, stable is GREAT. Sending tons of hugs your way.

Anonymous said...

I am always checking in on Hannah,happy that she is stable.I know exactly what u are going through,my son had the same tumour and is 18 months out treatment.I do hope her symptoms clear up soon .It must be so horrible to have daily headaches.Lots of love to u and family.

Jacques said...

Wow, what a great story. It is truly a miracle. My nephew had a small tumor that would have grown into a big problem, but an MRI during his yearly check up caught it. Hopefully as medical detection and treatments advance, more children with similar conditions will have just as miraculous a recovery.

Krista Thorn said...

He-ya Prokop Family,
You know what would be the best thing for little miss Hannah? A day with her big sisters...the Hofstra Girls. We are constantly thinking of you all, and hoping that everything is going well. Although I see that she is still hitting a few bumps in the road, but no worries they will smooth out eventually within time :) Nothing better then TLC (tender loving care) my mother always says. We miss you guys and hope you all can visit us sometime soon.
Love one of the many sisters,
KT #12

Laura (Tino) said...

Hi Hannah - this is Laura from the Hofstra Softball team. Just wanted to send you a little message and hope that you are doing well - we miss you! We just started our preseason practices - 3 practices a day for 9 days straight but they are getting us prepared for our season. We leave for florida in less than 3 weeks : ) so we are very excited.
I am glad to hear that the MRI results came back stable! and a week in Hawaii sounds awesome! - maybe february break you can take a week vacation there :).
Can't wait to see you all when the weather gets warmer. Have a nice rest of the weekend - hi to Colbie too : )

Nigel Burrell said...

Stable is good :o) As ever, sending Hannah plenty of best wishes and healing hugs from the U.K.

love, Nigel XXX