Saturday, May 14, 2011

Hannah and I traveled to Boston on Sunday to be there for her scheduled neuropsychology testing on Monday morning. We went up early on Sunday and went the aquarium, one of Hannah's favorite places when we stayed in Boston for radiation. We walked around, went to the aquarium and then Hannah took me out to our favorite seafood restaurant in Boston for Mother's Day!

The neuropscyh test is a measure of Hannah's cognitive functions. It's a very extensive test and very long! The test normally takes 3-31/2 hours. Hannah's took 5. She came out about half way through and was upset. They had asked her to names the months of the year backwards, which she had trouble doing. I wasn't surprised the testing took so long, it was the same last time she had the test-three years ago when she was 8. The radiation has severely impacted her processing speed, among other things, so while she can get to the answers, she works slower. The test is very helpful in identifying all of Hannah's brain function issues, and we use it with the school to formulate her IEP and make the accomodations she needs to be successful in school. We should have the results in about two weeks, I'm not anticipating there will be any major changes from her test results in the past.

We also stopped by the proton center, where Hannah had radiation back in 2008. We got to see a few familiar faces, the place looked the same. I was holding it together pretty well until a little girl bounded out of the back, skipping along with her bald little head. I just had to turn around, it was hard to see being on the "other side." of things now. Knowing just how hard it is for that little girl right now, and how hard it may become.

We're still gearing up for RELAY FOR LIFE coming in just a few short weeks. I sure hope it's warmer by then! We're not planning on spending the night, but we'll be there until at least midnight, so cold weather be gone!

Thank you to everyone who sent in their luminary orders. We are up to 19 luminaries so far. Please consider joining us in the fight against cancer by purchasing a luminary.

Here is what we need if you are purchasing a bag:
  • Your name and address

  • Who is to be honored on the bag (in memorial or in honor of)

  • Any photos or artwork you would like included on the bag (you can email or send them)

  • Anything additionally you would like us to include on your bag

  • Your check made out to American Cancer Society-bags are $10 each, send to us at 1556 Grand Avenue, Mattituck, NY 11952. You may send the money via paypal at Please let me if you send it via paypal so that I can watch for it.

    Thank you all for your support for us and the fight against cancer.

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