Thursday, July 28, 2011

Hannah had brain and spine MRI's this week with GREAT results...all clear!! Hannah remains cancer free!! It was a very long day for her, we left for the hospital at 10am and didn't get home until 10pm.

On the way, we stopped off to deliver two bunnies to Hannah's favorite nurse from clinic-Antonella!! All of the bunnies are now adopted out, yippee!

We had planned to head over to Olive Garden for lunch then, but neither of us were hungry so we headed in early to the hospital. We met Faye from childlife to deliver a car full of toys!! Thanks to a donation from a local lady (thank you so very much Susan) we had two full carts of toys to donate.

We headed over to clinic and they got us right in. Everything checked out well. Her oncologist was happy with her growth since last time and although she is still on the short side, she IS growing so there is no need for growth hormone (which I probably wouldn't give her anyway.) There is no explanation for her continued foot pain. The doctor recommended getting some good tennis shoes to wear for sports and activities and wearing her orthotics (oh no, not those, you mean the ones with dust collecting in the corner of her room!!)

MRI said they could try and fit us in at the open spot used for emergencies at 3pm. Our original appointment time was 4pm. We headed down promptly at 3pm and sat there. And made pom pom animals and sat there. And froze in the 50 degree temps down there and SAT there. They didn't get us in early. They didn't get us in at our regularly scheduled time. They didn't get us in until 5:30pm. We sat there for 2 1/2 hours before we went in for a 2 hour MRI. I don't know how she did it, but she laid still for so long after sitting there waiting for so long!! Frustrating!

I just tried to keep her distracted and happy (how do you think that worked?) We were both more than ready for our Olive Garden traditional dinner afterwards. We headed home and had quite a lightening show on the way, getting home about 10pm. We were pooped!!

I called for results the next morning at 10:30am, which I thought showed quite a bit of restraint. No results yet, was told to call back at 2pm if I didn't hear earlier. I called again at 2:30pm and left a message. When the PA called back I knew it was good news. Last time the doctor called me back and that sends all kinds of red flags up immediately. Our PA, who we really like, gave Hannah the news first on the phone, which was interesting. No changes (still shows the area of mystery, but it is unchanged.) Phew!!!!

So it's back to our summer fun. Hannah is playing tennis and swimming on the swim team, Colby is playing lacrosse, basketball and spending a lot of time at the barn. We are looking forward to their cousin Sydney arriving this Sunday. She will stay until August 9th when the three girls will fly to grandma and grandpa's house by themselves. I will follow on August 12th and then on August 18th we will meet up with Dave in Jackson Hole Wyoming to spend time at Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons. Looking forward to that...although said she is NOT hiking!!!

Thanks to everyone for all your well wishes and support! Enjoy the summer!


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