November 5, 2011

Hannah putting together the bags
Hannah's Cans for Cancer sponsored Halloween again this year for Cohen Children's Hospital. We put together 450 goodies bags for the hospital to hand out during Halloween week. One hundred of those were npo bags-without food or candy, for kids who aren't able to eat while at clinic. We also put together 4 special baskets of goodies for kids in the bone marrow transplant unit. Those kids can't have anything that can't be washed down, nor anything live or from the ground (pumpkins) they are in isolation.

We also took 175 pumpkins for the kids to decorate. We provide them with foam decorating kits for the pumpkins and they go to town! Thank you to the 3 local places that donated the pumpkins-Krupski's, Helen's and VerDerBer's. They all generously donate each year without hesitation.

washing the pumpkins
tired after all that washing!
This year Hannah dressed as a penguin for Halloween. She was hesitant to wear her costume until she sent her friends a text of the costume and they approved, phew!! She had a good time that night, getting lots of candy and doing a great job of keeping up with everyone, even while yelling over her shoulder at me "MY FEET HURT!!" She was happy, I was happy. I was remembering those days not that long ago when she had to sit and be pulled in the wagon, too tired to get out and walk with her friends!

Hannah's Cans for Cancer has been busy too! We held a magazine subscription drive to provide some magazines for the kids and the parents at the hospital. Hannah's school was holding a fundraiser and she wanted to order some magazines. Our family really didn't need any magazines, so Hannah suggested we get some for the hospital. What a great idea!! We put the word out on facebook and thanks to all of our friends, we were able to get a total of 20 subscriptions. Our hospital childlife friends were very happy to hear that will be receiving magazines very soon to use in their clinic, and inpatient area. A big THANK YOU to everyone who stepped up and donated a subscription!! What a response!!

We're preparing now for Christmas. We have adopted families for the past few years, helping out those that couldn't provide anything for their families at Christmas time. This year, we are continuing the tradition, helping out even more families. We are holding a GIFT CARD DRIVE!! We will deliver the gift cards to the hospital before Christmas so that they can pass them out to needy families. The families can then use them to buy gifts, or food, or gas, or whatever they need! We will be able to help many families, with hopefully, MANY gift cards!!

Please consider helping a family for Christmas this year. These are families who have a child struggling with cancer. These are families who may not know about their future together as a family. These are families who are spending most of their time at the hospital, if they can, with their child as they watch them struggle through radiation that burns, chemo that hurts, transfusions, iv's, needle sticks, transplants, and tears. It's not easy, especially during the holidays. So while you're out shopping this season, please consider picking up a gift card. They can be visa/mastercard/american express or any major store like Target, ToysRUs, Walmart, etc. Or, if you would prefer you can send cash and we will purchase the gift card for you. Please send gift cards/cash donations to us at:

Hannah's Cans for Cancer, Inc.
1556 Grand Avenue
Mattituck, NY 11952

You can also send money via paypal to me at Thank you for helping us help the kids this year!!!


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Nigel Burrell said...

Wow! Job well done, Hannah - I bet you helped so many kids enjoy Halloween much more this year thanks to your great efforts! :o) I love the photos of your penguin costume too - so cool :o) All the very best sent to you and your family from the U.K.

love, Nigel XXX