Sunday, March 18, 2012

March Madness for sure!! A quick update. Hannah started the Trileptal (anti-seizure drug) about 10 days ago. The morning she started the pills she had already had two eye episodes. After starting the Trileptal, she has had NO episodes!! We were very shocked that the medicine would work so quickly. In fact, most of the doctors didn't think it would work at all, but acquiesced and gave it to me anyway.

We have been watching her closely for any symptoms from this new medicine, because some of them can be quite serious. She has had a few headaches lately, and seemed more fatigued than normal, both which can be side effects from the medicine. She had been complaining also since yesterday that she really didn't feel well. She stayed home from school one day last week. We realized this morning that she hadn't taken her regular anti-nausea pills the last 2 days!! So, we got her back on track with that today and hopefully that won't be an issue any longer.

**Update** Hannah just came in to let me know she had an eye episode. This is the first real episode she has experienced since starting the Trileptal. I wonder if her body is adjusting to the medicine already. We are supposed to double the dose this week, but I am not planning on doing that, considering how well it's working already. We will take her in in about a month to have her sodium levels checked. A side effect of this medicine is lowered sodium levels, which can be a serious condition. However, the dose she is taking right now is very low, so it would be unusual for her to experience a drop in her levels.

It's kind of a catch-22 situation. On the one hand, we are happy that we have found something that stops these eye episodes for Hannah. On the other hand, we don't really want her to be yet another medicine, especially an anti-seizure medicine. For now, we'll keep her on the medicine and see how she continues to tolerate it.

Other than the medical update, we've been keeping busy as usual. We threw a surprise birthday party for Colby on Friday, who turned 15 and boy was she surprised! It was the best party, about 30 kids or so attended and she really had a great time. Don't think I'll be able to top that one for quite some time!

It's lacrosse season in the house now, and both of the girls are playing. Colby made the varsity high school team this year and also plays on a travel team (and Dave's an assistant coach for the team). Hannah's junior high school team will start next week with practices. We love watching both of them play.

It has not been so good lately on the cancer front, with many of our little friends relapsing or dying. Just a few days ago another little boy from Iowa that we had come to know and love died from the spread of his medulloblastoma. He was 7 years old. Just heartbreaking. We continue to hope and pray for all of them.

Back to the real March Madness...the games! Go  Hoosiers!!


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