Sunday, April 23, 2012

Hello everyone,

It's been about a month since I last wrote in, and things continue to work and change here in the Prokop household. Hannah is doing well, although her eye episodes have returned to daily episodes. She says they are not as intense as before, and they are not as long in duration, but they are every day. Initially when she began the anti-seizure medicine, we were supposed to double the dosage after 2 weeks. However, at that time she was doing so well, we didn't increase it. Now, I'm wondering if her body has adjusted to it, so she's is having the eye seizures once again. I haven't wanted to increase the medicine, since last week and this week she is having state tests in school. We have an appointment at the neurologist's office the first week of May, so we'll see what they say. They haven't been the most helpful though in this ordeal, so it may be a little of what they say and a little of what we think!

I think Hannah went to the nurse last week every day, not feeling well. It's her stomach or her head, or a combination of the two. I really pushed her to go to school though, so she didn't miss any of the state tests. She did stay in school though, despite not feeling her best.

On Friday of last week we went to a new orthopedic doctor. He was recommended by our pediatrician, although he isn't a pediatric orthopedist. He is actually an orthopedic surgeon who specializes in feet. Hannah is having so much pain in her feet, even more since lacrosse season started in school.  Some days are better than others, but all have pain, sometimes so badly she is limping around. I liked this new doctor, he seemed very thorough. He took about 15 xrays, and thinks it's a combination of things probably causing her pain. He thinks it's her foot pronation, which is pretty significant on one side, and also her low bone density and something called Sever's disease. Sever's disease is a swelling of the heel bone, actually the growth plate of the heel. It can become inflamed during a child's growth phase, especially with activity. It's also aggravated by pronation. This, combined with low bone density is a recipe for pain for Hannah. He recommended new orthotics, especially made for her pronation as well as Sever's issues. Now, she just has to wear them. He wants her in them 24/7. When she's at home, if she doesn't have the orthotics on, then he said she should wear a show with a heel, to take the pressure off the heel and correct the flatness of her arches. That should be interesting, Hannah in high heels!

The doctor did seem a  bit concerned over her low bone density, and that it hasn't gotten any better with vitamin D supplements. I didn't realize it could get better really, I always thought we were supplementing her to keep it steady.  I plan to talk with her endocrinologist when we go in July to ask him about it.  The doctor asked if I had low bone density, and I have no idea.

So, although I'm not totally convinced, I'm hopeful. The doctor also said that Hannah needs regular exercise, instead of a start and stop approach, which will just keep the cycle going. He said 3 times a week on a treadmill would be great, or any type of similar activity, as long as it's consistent. We always try to keep her active, which isn't always the easiest. I will be activity campaigning now for a new treadmill!!

Speaking of low bone density, Colby has a broken foot! She has been experiencing pain in her foot since the first school lacrosse game of the season. She has been limping around, but continued to play and practice. The coach didn't even know she was hurt. We knew though, since she didn't seem to run as well during games, and as soon as she got off the field and out of sight of anyone else, she was limping big time! I took her over break last week to the podiatrist and right away he said "it sounds like it's broken." WHAT??? That never entered my mind that it may be broken. But sure enough, it was a stress fracture. I took her the next day to an orthopedist who confirmed the break and told her it would be 4 weeks in a boot to heal the break all the way. She negotiated him down to a repeat visit in 3 weeks, so we go back the first week of May. Yes, the first week of May I'll be taking them both from one doctor to the next. Then next on the agenda will be bone density scans for all three of us. Hannah is already scheduled for one in July, but now Colby and I will be getting them also. I already have Colby started on vitamin D supplements, it can't hurt.

Thanks for stopping by and reading about our latest. I'll write again soon about the benefit we went to tonight for a little girl out here on Long Island, it was very touching.


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