Sunday, May 27, 2012

Hello everyone, just a quick update to say THANK YOU to everyone that has sent money and donations for luminaries for our upcoming RELAY FOR LIFE. Relay is this Saturday, and we are at 32! Thank you for your continued support. There still is time, if you'd like to order a luminary for Hannah or a loved one. You can email me with your information and either send a check, or paypal the money to me at Even if I get it after Relay, they will still accept the donation.

Hannah and I have been working diligently with our team to get everything ready. This year, Hannah has organized a fish bowl ping pong toss (you remember the kind that usually get you a goldfish to take home.) We have candy and lots of prizes to hand out, and Hannah is pretty excited about it. She loves to run the games at Relay, it's her favorite part-besides the luminaries!!

I'll be sure to post lots of photos after the event.

We also have to make a decision on a seizure medicine for Hannah soon. We took her off the last medicine because we thought it was producing some undesired side effects, however it appears now that Hannah actually had a virus. I'm pretty sure it was a virus, since I got it next and we both still have it :-(  Hannah has been off the medicine now for almost 2 weeks and her eye episodes have returned, and she's having several a day again. I plan on contacting her neurologist this week to discuss with her. But for now, we focus on Relay and pray for NO RAIN!!



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