Saturday, June 9, 2012

Our Relay for Life was another success for our team this year. We created 41 luminaries, thank you to everyone who supported us in this effort. 

As always, Hannah prepared a game for our campsite during Relay. It's a great way to raise money for our team during the Relay. This year, we had a ping pong toss game. It was very popular, and we had a lot of fun with it. Our team raised $262 from the game, which is great! Chances were only $1 each, so it was quite successful!!
The girl pictured here with Hannah is a little girl Hannah met last year at Relay. This girl from Southold was very nice, came over to Hannah and said "do you remember me from last year?" and spent the rest of the night with Hannah. This little girl has a terminal illness. Not cancer, but another illness she has to manage and deal with on a daily basis. What an inspiration she was! Hannah really had a good time hanging out with her. 

We were happy to have some new team members this year, the Brisotti's mom is pictured above, and our good friends, the Mardjani's. Here are a few pictures with our good friend Alec and his family. 

We met the Mardjani's at the hospital, Hannah and Alec share the same brain tumor diagnosis. A nicer family you couldn't meet-we love them and were so happy they came over to share in the fun with  us!

We got another good photo of Hannah with her "HANNAH" luminary bags.           

I'm glad we got this photo, right before the luminary lap started at 9:30pm because shortly after I thought we might be taking Hannah to the ER. Hannah was running with her friends back to our tent, and she tripped and fell over a wire and we thought she may have broken her wrist.  A picture of Hannah with her arm in a cast for the first six weeks of summer flashed through my mind! She was hysterical in pain. We took her back to the tent, iced her arm and she went home. The next morning, still in quite a bit of pain we headed out to get an xray. Thank goodness, it wasn't broken. It has improved day to day and although it's still tender, it's not an issue. Dave and I just shake our heads in wonder. 

It really was a fun night for Hannah, until the end, and for us, that's what it's all about, celebrating that Hannah is a survivor!! Thank you to all of our supporters, and our awesome team members-the Reimers, the Graebs, the Brisottis, the all of you!!

I will leave you with a few more photos from the night, and a promise of another post very soon (Hannah turned 13 this week!!!)

Our Relay girls

Our family

Some of the quarters from our Quarters Lap

Colby and her friends

Hannah and her friends

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Nigel Burrell said...

Good to read about what a success, and how much fun, Relay For Life was or Hannah and you all (apart from her tumble at the very end!) Love the photos :o) As ever, I am praying for Hannah and you all from the U.K.

Nigel xxx