Sunday, October 12, 2008

It seems that our long weekend is quickly coming to an end. Friday Hannah had a horseback riding lesson at a barn where she got to ride a pony named Batman. She was pretty happy about that! She also got to do a back flip off the horse's back (while mom almost had a heart attack.) She did it twice with the instructor, and seemed to be ok with it. She still gets dizzy going upside down, so I was surprised.

Saturday Colby went to Montauk and Dave went to Rhode Island. That left Hannah and I here to take care of a couple things we have been wanting to work on. First, we headed out to shop for craft supplies and games for two hospitals-Spaulding Rehab in Boston and Schneiders. This has to be one of Hannah's favorite for crafts, toys and games. She said the only thing that wasn't much fun was that NOTHING was for her...ha ha. As our cart started to fill up with nothing but games, people starting staring! When standing in line, we started talking to a mom and daughter behind us who asked if we were preparing for a party. We told them it was for the hospital, next thing you know they pitched in $20!! The kindness of strangers is amazing.

Then it was home, with a stop at Harbes for roasted corn. We waited in line for 25 minutes for corn!! Hannah said "at least it's sunny and nice out!" The place was mobbed, but she had been asking for corn for a few days and she loves their roasted corn (hence the corn video). She had 3 ears of corn and ate them all. It took us forever to get home after that, the pumpkin crowd was tremendous.

On to our second item of the day...baking! It's that time again, we are gearing up for our 2nd annual Smiles for Scott bake sale. Looks like it is going to be Saturday, October 25th, weather permitting. All the money will be donated to the Smiles for Scott Foundation. Scott lost his battle with medulloblastoma (same kind of cancer Hannah had) at age 5. His family raises funds to enhance the care and lives of children afflicted with cancer. Most importantly (for Hannah) they run the Friday candy cart at Schneiders. She used to look forward to this no matter how sick she was. Sometimes she didn't even eat any of the candy, but she would always get out to that cart, often getting things for me and Colby. Last year we raised $400, and this year we hope it's double!! Please help us spread the word if you live locally. I'll keep you updated on the date and time.

Tomorrow the girls have off school again, and Dave is off work also. Hannah has an appointment with the endocrinologist to check her blood levels since starting the vitamin D and C supplements. After that, we are planning a family trip to Dave's gym (where they have a pool and kids size rock wall and work out equipment). Then it's off to our favorite pizza place together. Tuesday it's back to our regular routine and to the lyme doctor for me. I've never looked forward to a doctor's appointment as much as this one.

Here is another list of little ones in need of our support. Please give them a kind word when you have a moment. My plan is to list the kids here, then transfer their blog links to a new "links" area I have listed on this site on the left hand side. Little by little.

Enjoy your Columbus Day!!
Sinjin and his moma are such good hearted people. Sinjin has Burkitts Lymphoma and just recently finished his bone marrow transplant. He has developed a strange rash, and they headed back into the hospital, praying it's not a relapse.
Kate has been through a lot, and has relapsed again with neuroblastoma. She is due to start antibody treatment at MSK soon.
This little sweetie is fighting Stage IV neuroblastoma, diagnosed at age 3. She relapsed this spring, and is in aggressive treatment at Sloan in NYC.
I've mentioned Bailey here before, he is fighting stage III Rhabdomyosarcoma, a very aggresive soft muscle tumor. His last scan showed two new nodules in his lungs and waiting for more information.
Carson is only a few months old, fighting an unknown cancer.


Anonymous said...

HI there Kim!
Hello Miss Hanhah!
Sounds like you guys had a great day of baking and shopping and making a difference to tons of kids out there. I love the horse pics too. So tell me... Hannah actually did a flip off of the horse?? A FLIP?? Kinda like Carl Edwards when he wins a race!! LOL I think that is great. Tonight we went to the neighbors and painted pumpkins. Kasey got part of his pumpkin done then went and layed on the neighbors comfy couch. I am hoping to take the boys to the pumpkin patch for our carving pumpkins.
Sooo glad you guys are doing good! Kim I hope your Lyme disease is gone gone gone!
Thanks for all the prayers and the notes in the guestbook.
Thinking of you guys all the time.
Amy... Kasey's mom

Peggy said...

Hey Guys...well ladies I guess...
Just stopping by to say hi.
and thank you.
loved the pic of Hannah and the horse!
And always good to see her big smiles in the other pics.
I keep forgetting to tell you Kim, and lots of people have probably offered you advice, but a woman from our town back home was diagnosed with Lyme's disease...she talked about how difficult it was to get the correct diagnosis. The symptoms are unpredictable and come and go. If you'd like her info let me know...
Other than that, just sending the Prokops big Larson hugs.
and again our thanks for being you.

Love from the RMD house,
Team Larson