Sunday, July 12th 2009

We are enjoying summer here, even though the weather hasn't been great. I started not one, but two, new jobs a couple weeks ago-waitressing, so it's been interesting. I tell you I have a new respect for the people who wait tables-it's tiring! I've been a bit slow keeping up with my emails, I have 80 unread emails right now...yep!

Hannah has been busy swimming, and doing lots of crafts around the house. She has been working with perler beads, which you make then iron together. I will have to take a photo of the girls with all their designs, they have MANY. It's addicting, I've done some too.

She had a few doctor's appointments last week. We met with the orthopedist who thinks (like her oncologist) that her foot pain may be from her osteoporosis combined with weakness in her feet. They both recommended physical therapy, so we are coordinating that now.

Hannah also had tutoring for math two days a week. Her teacher is really making it fun for her, so it hasn't been too bad. Hannah declared the first day that she wasn't going into the school, but it's been ok so far.

Colby finished her lacrosse camp last week, and really liked it. There were a couple days that she had lacrosse all morning, then basketball at night, so she was pretty tired. Ahh to be young again, she took it all in stride.

We are on the countdown now for the Auctions for Sarah. Hannah is still pulling things out of her room to put on auction, she is keeping me busy. The ebay auctions are starting next Sunday, July 19th. Thank you to those whom have already delivered items to us for sale, emailed items and plan to list yourself. I am still accepting items, both in person and online, please please consider including something for sale to help Sarah and her family. You can contact me at or 631-298-3580 if you need directions for drop off.

If you are listing your own Auctions for Sarah on ebay, please email me, I have the text to include for your auction so that it can be identified as one of our group auctions. Thank you!

Give from your house, Give from your heart...LET'S HELP SARAH!


Recap of Information:

The sale is now scheduled for the week of July 19th on ebay. When listing your auctions, please plan to start them on Sunday, July 19th for 7 days, ending on Sunday, July 26. Of course you can use the Buy it Now option also.

If you have no idea what I'm talking about, don't worry. I can list your items for you. There are two ways we can list your items on ebay.

1. You can drop off your items at my house, and I will take it from there. Please drop them off here as soon as possible, so I can get started on all the auction listings. I have 17 things I am listing myself, and have started some of them, using the same template for all.

2. If you do not live in town (or you do and want me to list your items, but you can package and mail them yourself) here is what I need for your ebay listing:

1. a picture/pictures of your item via email
2. a description of your item including these:
is it new or used
if used, what condition is it in-as accurate as possible
what is the item (clothing-size, etc, camera, tickets to a game, etc.) Please be specific and as descriptive as possible.
3. I will then take the information and list it on ebay
4. Once the item is sold, I will contact you to advise you to send it, with an address.

Money is always good too, you can send a check to me, made payable to Kim Prokop so that I can cash it and send it with the rest of the money for Sarah. Even easier, consider sending money to me directly via paypal, it's FREE. My paypal address is my

More information:

Through all of my web site connections to other kids with cancer, I have come across the most adorable little girl-Sarah- and her family. You can read Sarah's story HERE. This little girl has Familial Mediterranean Fever a rare incurable life threatening disease. I was just drawn to Sarah and her family, and read all of their blog updates. Sarah has suffered so much in her young age. Her family lives in upstate New York, in a very remote area. Neighbors and supporters are few and far between. Their only fundraiser organized by friends and family brought in minimal amounts.

Sarah's health care costs are numerous, and are rising. Her father's wages are already garnished, so the pay he does bring home is not nearly enough to cover her medical costs. Recently, the family was struggling to even buy the simple necessities, including Tylenol for Sarah. Sarah has not been able to go to the doctor lately, again due to costs. My heart really goes out to them. Cancer is not the only thing-by far-that our kids suffer with. No one deserves or should ever be in this position.

Here is where the CALL FOR HELP comes in. I have decided to put together an online fundraiser for Sarah and her family through ebay. I have been scouring my house for things I can sell on ebay to bring in money for their family. Some of my things are new, some are not, but ebay is good for both. This is like an online yard sale!

I would like to ask that you all do the same-look through things you would like to offer up for sale. Possibly you have season tickets to a Mets/Yankees or Red Sox (oh my) game that you donate to be listed. Perhaps you have other things like:
  • clothes
  • games
  • artwork
  • collectibles
  • your house...just kidding, you know you can sell anything on ebay these days

Do you sell something for a living like Mary Kay, Isagenix, Arbonne, or ??? Everyone surely has something they can donate to this very worthy cause. Can your company help, will they match any funds donated?

Here is how it will work:
  1. Please look around your house and collect the items you would like to donate for the ebay sale
  2. You may list the item(s) yourself on ebay, or send me a photo(s) and a description and I would be happy to list them for you. If you would like me to list something, please email me directly and I will provide you with a list of description items I need for the ebay listing.
  3. Donate monies raised to Sarah and her family. This can be done directly via paypal at NO COST. Old fashioned checks are always good too.
There are a few other details such as how we get the money to the family, when will our ebay sales will start and end, etc. Since this post is very long already, I will be posting again very soon with some more of the details. But for now...go look around your house...PLEASE!

That's it! I know the economy is still not great for many of us, but I am hoping that we all can come together to help a family in true need. We may not be able to give cash (but if you can, that would be GREAT too!) but, if you can find just a few items around your house, even ONE item in your home that could be donated to help another family, that is our purpose. Please look around now!

The ebay auction will be starting within 2-3 weeks (hopefully) so let's get started! Please email me with any questions. Sarah's mom Kim is fully aware of the fundraiser but I'm not sure if she is still online again-not enough money to keep their online service, so please contact me instead.

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Mylese said...

Hello Strangers! It has been WAY too long since I have checked in. Hannah, I hardly even recognized you in your pictures! You have grown up so much in just a few short months. I also realized that we missed out on the Luminaries!!!! We had such big plans to help out with that and then got side tracked with other things. (We are moving! AHHHHHH!) As we pack, I'm sure we will find things that we can put on ebay. You have so many great ideas to help people and we love to be a part of your great ideas! Keep up the good work!

Much love,
The Reyes Family