Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Hannah the Swimmer!!

Hannah the actress (I've yet to update on that from last week) decided that she wanted to become Hannah the swimmer with all of her friends. This was a real leap for her, so I went with it and immediately contacted the director of North Fork Swim Club. Hannah went for a tryout and there was an opening on the Snappers. They have to be able to stay afloat, but the purpose of the team at this level is to teach them all of the different strokes, and how to swim better.

She did great at the try outs, although she cried when she didn't know one of the strokes. Tonight she started out strong, completed the warm up, did great with the kick board laps. But when they started the actual swimming, she did one lap, then out of the pool crying. She said she was too tired, and it is still new for her, so she is still a bit intimidated.

The coaches are great, and helped her through. Then our friend Marissa (the most wonderful teenager we met through "Hannah the actress") showed up. She is one of the coaches-and one of Hannah's favorite people. She helped Hannah through and Hannah made it through her first official practice. I think it will continue to get better for her as she gets used to the practices and becomes familiar with it.

It's progress for her. A year ago she wouldn't have even walked in the door to the pool area. Now, with only a little coaxing, she is there and participating. Awesome!

Our ebay Auctions for Sarah are doing well so far. Now I can't stop! I'm continuing to scour my house for more things to list, and listed quite a few more tonight. Thanks for stopping by the auctions to take a look, the link to all of the listings is HERE. Please check back in past postings here for information on other ways to simply donate instead of bidding on ebay. Thank you!!


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Anonymous said...

Those pictures are AWESOME! She looks great. I hope she sticks with it. How great that will be for her. I tried to get Colbey into swimming.. he said no, along with baseball, basketball, football.. ect. He just isn't my sports enthusiast. Wanted to say thank you for the pic of ^Kasey's^ luminaria bag. I wanted to thank you before now.. but when I recieved it, I was having a bad week. Anyway.. also wanted you to know that I have a mommy and daddy bird that frequent the bird bath you sent. Their bird house is on the shed and they come and go from the bird bath several times a day. Their babies are getting ready to leave the nest for good real soon.

Keep us updated on Miss Hannah and Miss Colby.

Amy.. ^Kasey's^ mom