Sunday, July 19, 2009

It's here! It's here!

To find the ebay auctions, please click on this link: Sarah's Ebay Auctions

This link will bring up all of our Auctions for Sarah listings.

Our ebay fundraiser for Sarah and her family started this evening. We currently have 57 Auctions online! Whew! Thank you to all of you who donated from near and far.

The auctions will be posted for only ONE WEEK, ending on Sunday, July 26th. Please go by and check them out, there are many things of all values, small and large to bid on.

If ebay is not your cup of tea, but you still would like to donate to Sarah to help pay for her medical expenses, you can send me money directly via PAYPAL through email Any amount is so appreciated. You can also send me money directly via the mail at:

Kim Prokop

1556 Grand Avenue

Mattituck NY 11952

Please make all checks out to me, I plan to put everything together into one check to send to Sarah.

If you believe in signs, today was one big sign. The priest spoke this morning at mass about giving to those less fortunate. He reminded us "not to hoard what we have, but to help others in need, as we too will be helped in our time of need." I know we have certainly been lifted up several times in our time of need with Hannah, and we are hoping to pull together now to lift another little girl really in need. What a sign!

Thank you to those who have already donated, everything is appreciated!

More tomorrow on "Hannah the actress," our "visitors from Texas," "Hannah the Traveler," and "Hannah the Swimmer." Soon to be followed by "Mom the dead woman!"


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