Friday, August 31, 2007

Just a quick update from Pennsylvania! Hannah went to clinic on Wednesday and all was good, so we decided on a quick trip to Pennsylvania before school started. Her counts on Wednesday were the best I have seen in quite a while, she is feeling good! Today we went to Bushkill Falls, it's a state park with amazing falls and did some hiking. We just arrived at Aunt Rosemary's house in Mechanicsburg and will still here for two nights. Tomorrow we will hit Hershey Park for the day. Then it's back home on Sunday.

Colby has a pretty bad sore throat, so we are keeping her isolated until she starts to feel a bit better, doc said it's a virus. Hopefully she'll feel good in time for Hershey tomorrow.

Hannah also wants everyone to know that she lost another baby tooth this week (with a little help from Dr. Hoeg.) The tooth fairy arrived overnight with $5 and stickers.

Hope everyone is having a great Labor Day weekend,

xoxo Kim


Anonymous said...

Hey there My little Hannah banana!
I hope you are enjoying your time in PA and that you and your family are having a WONDERFUL Labor day. My daughter Amy and her husband Charlie have been visiting this weekend. We went fishing on a rental boat! We caught 5 porgies. IT was really fun.
Hope the rest of the weekend is wonderful for your! Enjoy the rest of the summer. Have fun back to school

Mrs. Baker said...

Dear Hannah Sunshine,
I have not had access to a computer because of my daughter's move in NH-sorry I have not written.
I was so happy to catch up on your blog to know your counts had improved and you were feeling much better.Great news. Now you are off again to another fun place. How was the weather in PA? I am sure you had a blast at Hershey Park. I Loved it there. How is Colby feeling? Hope her energy was back for Hershey Park.
I was with my grandson and he spiked a fever for 2 days and was just so sad. Thank God he was feeling better quickly though. I went to a town fair while visiting. It was pretty cool. Saw alot of cows, sheep, and horses. I was amazed on how big some of the cows were.
Anyway, today is the last horrah. I start work tomorrow. (Tues.) you have until Thursday. I am going to beach most of the day and then watch tennis. Speaking of sports the Yankee's were doing good but down slid yesterday. Boston won yesterday-- cheers for your friends in Boston.
Well my amazing girl I look forward to seeing you around campus. I will be working in first grade this year. I really wanted to stay in Kindergarten and will certainly miss Mrs. Huszaugh so much. I can not wait to see your beautiful smiling face.
Remember you are always in my prayers and on my heart. You will always be my kindred spirited girl.
I Love You Much,
Love * Blessings,
Mrs. Baker ( Lynnis)