Some Old Photos

For those of you that didn't know Hannah "before" I thought I would post some old pictures. I have seen other websites with older pictures and it's interesting to look at the kids and their wide array of photos.

One of Colby's creative pictures, here is Hannah in the back seat of the car, 2006

Hannah and Colby, first day of school, 2006. Hannah saw this photo the other day and said she looks "so cute in pigtails"
Hannah at a 4H Horse show with Mystery, November 2006

Hannah in Brownies, making her graham cracker gingerbread house. Before she was diagnosed, she often wore hats, and now we wonder if it was due to the tumor


Anonymous said...

Sweet pics.

cildar said...

Hello Hannah,
We looked at the pictures of you that Mom sent. We think you look just as beautiful now as you looked in the pictures. We especially loved seeing you in pigtails. Our daughter, Tara, who lives in London, England, always wore pigtails because she loved Laura Ingalls Wilder and the show "Little House on the Prarie". Kim, do you remember it? Last week, on Cape Cod, a shark, identified as a Great White by marine biologists (the same kind of shark that was in "Jaws") was spotted just off the shore of two different beaches. Folks at the beaches were afraid to put their toes in the ocean.
Hannah, the man from Boston with all the hats says he wants you to keep wearing a Red Sox hat (You have two) because he thinks you are bringing the Sox "Good Luck". The Red Sox are now 7 1/2 games in front of the Yankees. Don't tell your Dad because he won't be too happy to hear it.
Hannah, please don't forget to save me some seeds from your sunflowers. We want to plant some at the Cape as a special thought of you.
Judy and Dennis

Mrs. Baker said...

Dear Hannah Love,
I pray that you are feeling better and you have gotten back home- where I know you will be so much more comfortable.
I absolutely love the pictures from 2006- You remind me of my daughter Lesa when she use to wear pigtails- actually she still does sometimes and she is now 22. Just remember you are always beautiful.
Wow! are you brave to watch the movie jaws. I saw the movie once and do not have the desire to see it again. I guess that is a way to wrap up summer end.
I am so glad your fund raiser went so well and am sure the family was so appreciative of your hard work and steadfast determination. You and your family are so awkesome and special.
I am back now in NH with my Jacob.
They are moving to another apartment this week so grandma and grandpa are here to help.
I will be back late Sunday and then just have Monday off and off to work on Tuesday. ( I hope to have my last day at the beach on Monday and I am sure I will only see Jellyfish.) I ceratinly will be looking forward to seeing you when you return to school.
How is that wonderful garden doing? I am sure Mom has wonderful receipes to use up those tomotoes.
Yum Yum. Speaking of appetites, I hope you are gaining on your taste buds.
I want to thank you for introducing me to the Webkiz craze-I just purchased two for a dear teacher friend I use to work with for her two lovely girls and they were absoultely screeching with joy. I owe this excitment to you.
Thank you again for that great insight.
Well, my sweet sunshine I hope to see you soon.
Hey are you wearing your Red Sox hat now or what? They are on top of the world right now. We have to send some good cheers for the Yankees!! RA RA RA Go Yankees!!!!!
I don 't know if I can keep up with the games because the US Tennis opens tomorrow and that my true passion.
Well sweet sunshine try to get plenty of rest and eat the best you can and try those yummy shakes. They sound pretty good to me. Put in lots of vanilla ice cream with some fruits and things.
Remember you are always in my prayers and in my heart my kindred -spirited girl.
I Love You Much
Love & Blessings,
Mrs. Baker (Lynnis)

Written by Mommy with all her love said...

Hi, looking at these photos I noticed the horses name is Mystery. My cousin had a horse named Mystery also. :0)

Written by Mommy with all her love said...

You mentioned about Hannah wearing hats prior, Alec has always been really strong in taking pain. It's strange you think about certain things now and just wonder.