December 31, 2008

My last post of the year...


May 2009 be happy and healthy for all of you.

With love,
the Prokops (still cold in Indiana)


Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Prokops!! It's pretty darn cold here on Long Island too!!
Love, The Scheers

Anonymous said...

Hi Kim,
I would love to see you sometime when you are in Indiana and meet your family. It's been years, but I've been keeping up with Hannah's blog. So wonderful to read all the wonderful things you are all doing to help others and also to read how well Hannah and the rest of the family is doing. I hope you have a wonderful new year with good health and happiness.
Mary (Wenzel) Holkan

Anonymous said...

A joyous New Year to you and the whole Prokop family. May 2009 bring you calm and peace, joy and happiness, love and laughter...
Love you all

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Friends!!
Hope your having wonderful Holidays and wishing all the best for a Healthy 2009!

Amy.. Kasey's mom

Anonymous said...

Great seeing you again after such a long time. I think the last time we saw each other was at one of the July 4th picnics at the Snyder house.
Hannah and Colby,
It was also a pleasure meeting you. Have your mom tell you about the huge family picnics we used to have over at my Grandparent's (Greatgrandma Lila's sister)house every July 4th when we were children.

Peace and Happiness you to all,
Kimberly Bass

cildar said...

We Wish all of the Prokop family a very Happy New Year.

Here in Massachusetts, it has been bitterly cold and we've already had two big snowstorms. It may be a long, long Winter.

We think of all of you often and feel blessed that we met you, Kim and Hannah in Boston about a year and a half ago.
Dennis and Judy Griffin