Thursday, December 18, 2008

Yes, we DID IT! It was so much fun, yesterday we delivered all of the gifts to the oncology floors at the hospital. I did begin this update last night, but fell asleep so I'm trying again tonight.

We started on the inpatient floor, Santa went around to each room, while Santa's helper reported back to us on the age of the child and what they liked. Hannah and Colby then picked out the gift and Santa delivered it. Some of the older children that were able to come out with their iv poles came into the toy room and checked out the selection for themselves, and got to choose whatever they wanted. We had many toys left, and next headed down to the clinic (where Hannah is seen now) for outpatient hematology/oncology kids. Santa had visits from many kids, some that sat on his lap, some that ran away screaming. It was great to see the kids rush in, with their brothers and sisters, so excited to be able to pick out their own toys! We had plenty for everyone, with some left over to leave with childlife for the many other deserving clinic kids.

Pictures of us preparing the night before and from yesterday:

It was a great day. We also delivered the gifts for 3 families that were adopted, 1 by Hannah's Cans for Cancer and another 2 by a local family that reads Hannah's blog and wanted to adopt a family (or 2). How great is that? We delivered big bags of toys for all 3 families.

I'll sign off tonight by wishing Dave a Happy 50th Birthday!! Yes, tonight is the BIG 50! We celebrated with a nice dinner at home and a cake, decorated by Hannah. She told me as I was frosting the cake that if I wanted to work in "her bakery" that I had better learn how to frost the cake correctly...ha ha. She wants to buy a bakery asap and start up!

One last tid bit of information. Hannah has been having many stomach issues lately, with stomach aches bad enough to keep her home from school. This week she came home Monday morning, was out Tuesday still feeling sick, out Wednesday for the toy extravaganza, and back in today. The latest thought is that she has vincristine toxicity. Vincristine is a chemo drug, which can cause bowel issues, as well as neurological issues. More on this later, but she will start a new medicine this weekend. I hope it works, because she really hasn't felt well lately. One year out from chemo (today) and you would think it's done and over!!! Unfortunately not.



Kathy said...

Way to go Prokop Family (or is it the Claus Family?)
I love your pictures, especially the one you have at the top of the page! What a great thing to do with your girls. And Happy Birthday Dave!
We are headed to Oregon in the morning to my sister's house. It looks like our Southern California girls are going to have their first white Christmas!
Have a wonderful Christmas!
Love, Kathy and family

Kerry said...

Hey guys, What a great thing you all did as a family. You should all be proud of how your efforts have helped other kids in the hospital that Hannah was in too. Such a great gift as Christmas - really giving of yourselves. Hope you are all well and that Dave enjoyed his birthday. Love Mrs. Purick and Jessica