Saturday, December 20, 2008

Is anyone watching this St. Jude's special tonight on tv? Hannah and I were working on a video she is making to put on YouTube, and this show came on. It's a paid special to raise money for St. Jude's, they are highlighting families whose children have cancer. and are treated at St. Jude's. I'm waiting to see a child I know. It's interesting to hear Hannah's perspective on the show. Her first comment was "St. Jude's isn't the only hospital you can go to you know."

It's not an easy show for me to watch. I know what it feels like to be there. But I don't know. This little boy has a brain tumor-ATRT, an incurable brain tumor, he died 6 months after the filming of the show. Hannah just said "oh, he died? But he was so little and so cute. That is so sad." Doesn't matter how cute or little he was, we just don't have a cure yet. Someday I hope we will, but until then, we will keep funding organizations like CureSearch and the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation.

And, Hannah and our family will keep on with Cans for Cancer. I just updated the figures for Cans for Cancer. We have raised nearly $14,000, and donated over $11,000 to help kids suffering with cancer. Next year our focus will be on setting up Cans for Cancer as a non profit foundation, and growing our efforts to raise more money. On Friday, Nancy Krakowka, one of the teachers in charge of the student council, presented us with a check for $2,100 from the Turkey Trot we participated in in November. Wow! Hannah's school and student council have been so supportive of Cans for Cancer, we can't thank them enough. We'll try by keeping up our work and continuing to help kids that need our support.

Hannah's last comment was "why do they keep showing all these kids that die?" Unfortunately, so many kids do die. Unfortunately...



Anonymous said...

Hey Guys!
Good job on the Cans for Cancer and for everything you guys ROCK! ANd about the St. Jude special, I had heard about it, didn't watch it though. Hannah sweetie, you are right, there are so many hospitals filled with little girls and boys fighting cancer. It is hard to get ANY hospital on the news that we try and HOPE that if even ONE is there that someone is getting the word out!

Have a very Merry Christmas guys! Oh and I'll see you Miss Hannah at HOFSTRA?!?!

Bonnie and Gina

Anonymous said...

HI Team Hannah!
I love all the new pictures of Santa and his helpers! How fun and rewarding that must have been!
I am sending big hugs and wishes for an amazing Christmas for you and your family!

Merry Christmas Friends!

Amy.. Kasey's mom