Monday, February 9, 2009

Another MRI day tomorrow. Tomorrow is Hannah's cranial MRI. The DEAL day.

Hannah has made a "deal" with anyone she could get in contact with that would listen. I think she made a deal with Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa, Uncle Mike, Aunt Paige, Aunt Susie, Aunt Kathleen and Mrs. Wilcenski this time around. If you haven't been hunted down for a deal, consider yourself lucky (this time.) This started with Dave and I offering her a deal to stay still during the MRI. Hannah has always hated the needles, iv's and port accesses during this journey. It's been one of the most difficult things for her. And there were many many sticks along the way. She got to where she would scream and kick and bite when she had to be stuck. That's when the deals started. When they get ready to put in the needle, I try to keep her focused on the deals. I go through the list of people, I ask her what she wants to do with her deal money, anything to distract her. She doesn't know yet that they will be drawing blood tomorrow. I'll tell her when we get there, but I don't want her to focus on it now. I hope they can draw the blood, then push the contrast, then take the iv out. I'm hopeful, but I don't think it will happen that way, just due to the coordination of getting someone down to MRI to draw the blood. The contrast is pushed about halfway through the MRI. First they scan her without the dye, then the do the same scan with the dye so that they can compare the two.

Hannah's last cranial MRI was August, since they alternate cranial with spinal. Oh boy. We're nervous for this one. Is nervous the right word, or really really scared? Maybe both. I try not to add up or keep track of some of the symptoms she has been having, but I can't help it. No-one has been able to explain the eye pressure she has been having. No-one can explain her periodic morning vomiting (again last weekend.) No-one can explain why she told me last week "I'm dizzy."

I just keep thinking of this past September when Colby and Hannah and I went into the city to meet with three other medullo kids and their families. We met Coleman and Caden with their parents, my friend Nancy (Jacob's mom) and Jacob's brother Ben and Zachary White and his mom. Four medullo kids together hanging out for the day in central park. Since September, two of those kids have died and the other one, Zachary, has now relapsed. Hannah is the only one out of the four that is still tumor free.

I hope and pray.



Mylese said...

We are hoping and praying for you too. We will be thinking good thoughts for Hannah all day long.

The Reyes Family

Anonymous said...

kim- i cannnot understand why theset hings happen...cancer in children of all things.....what i am understanding better, as i reach out of my own grief, a little is that we all have suffered, whether our child is stil with us or not. I am so thankful to know you, stand by you and be part of your team. Thank you for always usig team unite. you rock!!!!
hugs from indiana.....

Anonymous said...

O.K. Hannah-

I am looking forward tp sending you my money as long as ther is a good report on how you do. I can't wait to hear how much you earned. Lots of love and we will talke to you soon.

Aunt Susie

Angela said...

I'm sending love, prayers, and lots of hugs! I can't wait to hear how brave you were and how wonderful the test results are!

Love you all lots and lots!


Valerie said...

Hannah, hope all your deals go through! I hope everything goes well and I KNOW you will get good news!

Anonymous said...

Miss Hannah and Let's make a deal- oh how we love her!!!
Kim, I've been thinking of you.
Your family is always in our prayers.

Looking forward to good news on those scans!
Hang in there...


mylese said...

Wow! You must have really made ALOT of deals, Hannah!! It sounds like there is alot of money at stake! Can't wait to hear about all the loot!

We've been thinking about you all day!

The Reyes Family