Thursday, February 12, 2009

Thank you to everyone for all of your well wishes, it means a lot to us. This has been such a long journey, beginning even before Hannah was diagnosed. She was so sick, for weeks, months and then years. It took nearly two years for Hannah to be diagnosed. Until that time, she spent so many mornings throwing up. She spent many afternoons on the couch. She finally declined and began to have headaches. Then the tumor, the surgery, the radiation and chemotherapy.

Now, with all of that behind her, and cancer free, she is back to the vomiting and the afternoons on the couch. How is that fair? Hannah's oncologist took her off her anti-nausea medicine to see if it was doing anything at all. So far Hannah's week looks like this:
Monday-stomach ache
Tuesday-morning vomiting
Wednesday-morning vomiting, home from school at 11am, slept 11am-4pm, still felt badly afterwards
Thursday-severe stomach ache, no eating. Home from school at 12:00pm

I really don't see any difference before or after they stopped her medicine. I have an email into Hannah's oncologist to see what he wants to do now. I think he will most likely tell me to start a new medicine to see if it makes any difference. I sure hope so.

She has been upset that she still feels so sick. She was crying yesterday that she is tired of feeling sick all of the time. Someone said the other day, thank goodness the MRI was good, now you're heart doesn't feel like it's going to stop. I told them, no it doesn't, now it's just breaking. It's just hard to see her continue to struggle.

But as our good friends in Boston say..."Keep on keeping on" and that's what we'll do!



Anonymous said...

So sorry that you continue to feel bad sweetie. I am hoping that this is just a rogue stomach virus and that your amazing immune system will kick in and squish it like the bug it is!!
Feel better...Love from Holbrook!
Bonnie and Gina

Mylese said...

Oh, we hope you feel better soon, Hannah. Hopefully your doctors will get your medications just right so you can get back to being you!!

We are thinking of you! Hope you had a fun Valentine's Day.

Much love,
The Reyes Family

Anonymous said...

Hi there Team Hannah!!
I am sorry your not feeling super. I wish I could snap my fingers and make it all go away.
I am sending hugs and lots of love to your house from mine here in Washington.

Thinking of you so very often. Good news on the clear scans. I am very happy to read that!
Hugs to you Kim and Hannah.. and Colby and Dave.

Amy.. ^Kasey's^ mom