Sunday, February 22, 2009

We have had such a nice week off from school, it's hard to believe it's over already and tomorrow the girls are back to school. 

We can't tell if the new medicine is working or not for Hannah. She started off on Friday with the new medicine and promptly threw up. Then for Saturday through Tuesday she felt pretty well. She got up in the mornings and had very little signs of nausea or stomach pain at all. I thought YES, this is it! We finally found something that has helped her so that she doesn't have to cry and moan and throw up every morning. Then for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday she threw up. Saturday she didn't throw up but she felt just awful, and this morning she did fine. ~~Sorry~~if that was too graphic for everyone :)

How do you figure THAT out? Is it working or not? Yet another email to the doctor, so we wait. Again. 

In the meantime, the girls were busy this past week with horseback riding, visits with friends, hiking, biking, and a trip to the city (without mom and dad!!) On Thursday night, the girls went into the city with their Aunt Kathleen to see Wicked. They stayed overnight, with trips to the stores the next morning before heading back. They had a great time, what a treat for them.  Here are a few pictures, the view from their hotel room, the girls in front of the M&M's store, and with their new shirts.

We also said goodbye this week to our riding place of nearly 4 years, the 4-H. Unfortunately, the loss of funding has caused the county to close down the year round riding program. This program was so much more than just riding for the girls and many other families. All of the farm animals were given away, all of the horses were shipped out and the director of the program was let go. We fought tooth and nail, to no avail. We wrote letters (the kids and adults), we attended meetings and we contacted executive directors. The girls were heartbroken, especially Colby. We were there when most of the horses were trailered away, which was very sad. We surely will miss that place.



Kathy said...

Hi Kim and Team Hannah,
That sounds like a nice week off school! Especially the trip to New York City! We are trying to get there this summer!
I hope Hannah gets more and more relief from the new meds. That is so sad about the horses! What a great place it sounded like.
Thinking of you,
Kathy and Kelly

cildar said...

Dear Hannah,
We really enjoyed seeing the pictures of you and Colby when you visited the "Big Apple". We never heard of the M&M store and look forward to going there the next time we go to New York City. It is so sad that your beloved horses have had to leave. Our daughter, Tara always loved horses, rode often, and won many ribbons at horse shows when she was growing up. She lives in London now and still goes riding very early every Saturday morning. We hope that you and Colby can find another place to ride.

The Boston Griffins are certainly "in" when we get more information about the bags for your special fundraiser. Last year, your Mom sent us pictures of the bags you decorated for us. You are quite an artist.

The Red Sox are down in Fort Meyers, Florida training really hard so they can beat the Yankees every time they play against each together this Season. Any chance, Hannah you'll put the Red Sox hat back on if your Yankees keep getting beaten again in 2009 by the Red Sox?
Dennis and Judy Griffin