Saturday, Sept 8, 2007

It's been a week of ups and downs this week. School started, and all has gone well there. She has been more tired than usual, getting used to her new schedule.

Hannah had 2 headaches this week. The first was Monday night when she was going to bed. She said her stomach felt funny and her head hurt. After calming ourselves down, we decided not to call the doctor, it was one headache, not accompanied by vomitting, and at night. She had another on Thursday night. I emailed the doctor that night and called him the next morning. He felt that it didn't have the characteristics related to the tumor or hydrocephalus, but if she had another, we would look into it more-probably with an MRI. She is scheduled for an MRI anyway at the end of this month. No more headaches to date.

She hasn't been eating well since her chemo last week. She only seems to get hungry enough to eat well for one meal of the day. So, her weight will remain stable anyway and she shouldn't lose any hopefully.

This morning she also complained of a sore throat. She said it started yesterday, but she didn't tell me. She didn't have any other symptoms. It was really bothering her this morning, but she didn't want to miss riding today since she hasn't been in a couple weeks. Dad made her soup for breakfast and then she did her mouth care-it's a mouthrinse and a lozenge that she has to do 2-4 times a day-and said it felt a bit better. It could be mucositis again-throat sores and irritation caused by chemo. She had this her first round of chemo, and it's not pleasant for her. It is quite painful, and you can't eat because it is so irritating.

On the upside, she did make it to riding today. She did really well and had fun. She also went bike riding yesterday with Dave and Colby and she can now ride her bike by herself again without help! She said she wants to show me tomorrow, so that's what's on tap for tomorrow.

We spent some time at the ER this afternoon-this time not for Hannah. Dave hurt his back this morning working in the garden, and was in so much pain by the afternoon, he asked to go (so you know it had to be bad.) A couple years ago he had an MRI that showed 2 slightly bulging disks, and hip degeneration and every so often it gets irritated, but never quite this bad. They gave him some pain meds and told him to see an orthopedist, so we'll try to get him in next week. Hannah was happy not to be the patient for a change!

That's all for now-and that's enough!
xoxo Kim

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Angela Reinhart said...

Hi there Prokop family! I'm sending you all get well wishes....I'm just going to do it for all of you with the hopes that Kim and Colby don't get sick along with Dave and Hannah!! ; )

Hope you are having a good week and that your classmates understand a little more about cancer Hannah. That's very important for everyone and it saves you from having to explain it a whole bunch!

Sending lots of love from Illinois!!

Randy, Angela, Logan, and Noah