Thursday, Sept 6, 2007

Today was first day of school around here. Both Hannah and Colby were somewhat nervous, and not ready to see summer end yet. I really didn't know what to expect from Hannah when we got there, but she was happy to see Mrs. W, her aide. It made all the difference, and she waltzed off to her classroom with Mrs. W and Charley before everyone else came in. Hannah made it through the whole first day, just a little tired around 1pm, and asked to come home. But, she rallied and stayed with the class. She was a bit tired when she got home, but immediately went to work on her first day of "homework", which was one simple sheet.

Tomorrow the school nurse will come in to talk to the class about cancer, to ease some of the fears from kids who have not heard of it before. She will present some information, it will give the kids the opportunity to ask any questions and we will show a Peanuts video (that was also shown to her class last year). Hannah asked if we could do this, since she was a little apprehensive about starting school with this year with some new kids in her class. I will go in also, in case there are questions that Hannah needs some back up on. She seems to be looking forward to it.

We both made it through the first day, although I'm wondering if her day was easier than mine here at home alone!

xoxo Kim


Grampa and Gramma said...

Hey there girls: You look pretty spiffy in your new school outfits. As usual, it looks like Colby is taking really good care of you Hannah. I was glad I got to talk to you both this evening about your first day back to school. Glad to know you both like your teachers. Hope you both have fun tomorrow getting to know all of your new classmates.
I'll bet it really seemed funny for mommy to have both of you gone for the day.
Take care girls--Love you both bunches and bunches.
Grampa and Gramma

Anne Salice said...

Happy first day of school to all the Prokops! I know what Mom means about being home alone, different!
Hannah I hope a special package is waiting in the mail for you today, the postman promised me!
Good luck with day number 2 and your special presentation to your class!
With love, Anne Salice

Anonymous said...

Looks like the first day of school was a great success for the dynamic duo of the Prokop Girls! I wish you the very best, Colby and Hannah for a successful and fabulous year! Kim, enjoy the time to yourself knowing that the girls are having a good time. I have the utmost of respect and admiration for you my dear Hannah Banana, to take the time and care to help your classmates understand! You rock my world!
Mrs. V

Anonymous said...

Hey girls,

Looks like everyone was ready for that first day. I am glad that you both like your teachers because Sydney says that her's is mean. Take care and we will talk to you soon.

Aunt Susie

Mrs. Baker said...

Dear Hannah Sunshine,
I was so happy to hear you had a good firt day start at school. You must have been so busy and excited to see all your friends along with new classmates. I know you will have an awkesome year with Mrs. Wheaton--she is the best.
I did not get to your classroom today and left a package with Natalie to give to you.
Colby- glad you are feeling better. How do you like being upstairs? Is it really different? Wow! I can not believe you are in 5th grade. You are growing so fast and such a beautiful young girl. I wish you the best this year. Come downstairs and say hello to me in fist grade.
Hope you have some fun plans for this weekend. It is coming down to the real end of summer. I hope it will be sunny. I plan to visit the beach somemore.
Have a wonderful weekend with your family and friends. Get plenty of rest we have 3 days of school next week. Then a very long weekend off . I may fit in the beach again.
Hannah, I pray that your counts will stay within good range for you to continue on the next week.
Thank you Hannah dear for always brightening my day and being the amazing spirited girl you are.
Colby you are a wonderful girl too, and a great sister.
Have a great weekend. I will see you on Monday.
I Love You Much,
Love & Blessings,
Mrs. Baker (Lynnis)

Anonymous said...

Dear Hannah,
I am glad to hear that your fist day of school was fun. What was Mrs.W's full fast name? I saw you, Charley, Mrs.W and some other girl. Just curious, What was Mrs.W 's full last name?

Anonymous said...

That message right above this one is from Tori. I messed it up some how!
-Tori :]

Anonymous said...

That message right above this one is from Tori. I messed it up some how!
-Tori :]

Anonymous said...

ok now it went double!!!!! wow!!! ok this is my LAST MESSAGE. lol.

Written by Mommy with all her love said...

Look at those 2 beauties :0)
Glad that school is going well. Sorry to hear of the hospital visit, I know what you mean about someone else being the patient for once.
Well I hope she feels better, maybe they were just sinus headaches and if Hannah had a sore throat also it could just be post nasel drip.
Well bye for now
-Amy, Alec and Family