Wednesday, Sept 12, 2007

Another day of chemo behind us. Hannah did really well with no major complications, just a slight stomach ache. Her counts were about the same as last week, some low and some ok. Her energy remains good, and she went back to school today for the entire day. Yesterday afternoon when we got home, she even wanted to bake cupcakes, so we baked and frosted them. She took some into school today for the teachers, nurses, and some of her other favorite people.

We were a bit disappointed when her onocologist advised against soccer and gymnastics-not because of the germs, but because of possibly low platelet count which could cause serious internal bleeding if even bumped a bit. This will really become an issue on Rounds 7 and 8 (especially 8). So, she may "work" at the gym while her sister is in gymnastics class, and we'll have to lay off horseback riding a bit also. In the meantime, I'm still trying to convince her that karate is not just for BOYS!

The girls have Thursday and Friday off from school for Rosh Hashanah, and we have a few birthday parties to attend. Looking forward to seeing our cousin Sarah over the weekend for her "half sleepover party."

Meanwhile, our other patient in the house went for an epidural injection of cortisone today, and is has helped him somewhat, although still a long way to go to get to painfree. But, he is up a bit and out of bed, a big improvement from the last few days. He gets another shot in a couple of weeks. Just hoping to avoid surgery.

We said prayers tonight for our friends Jacob, Alec and Nicholas, fellow cancer friends we have met so far on this journey. Please keep them in your prayers too.

xoxo Kim


Anonymous said...

Dear Hannah Banana and the Prokop family
I was so happy to hear that things went well with this chemo treatment. I watch the schedule and anxiously await the outcome. You are all so strong and heros for sure! Enjoy the 4 day weekend. The weather is so glorious now. I love the fall best! Sorry to hear that the contact sports are on hold for a bit but you always rise to the occasion and I am sure that the gym will appreciate your help. Have fun at the parties and I will chcek back when we get back from our French Adventure.
Mrs V

Anne Salice said...

Hi Hannah
How is 3rd grade going? My Thomas has Miss Meade, the new teacher- he says she is very tall, have you seen her?
I just wanted to let you know I'll be thinking of you tomorow, may all your numbers be super, and your treatment go smoothly. You are an inspiration, and I hope you know how many fans you have. All our thoughts and prayers are with you- always!
Much love, Anne Salice

Mrs. Baker said...

Dear Hannah Love,
What beautiful weather we are having these past few days. Do you believe I made it to the beach on Thursday and once again on Sunday. I have enjoyed the beach so much this summer I am not ready to end those special days.
How are things in 3rd grade? I saw you the other day in the hall (probably coming back from special or lunch) Cool cap you were wearing. I am so happy you have be able to attend school each day and be among your friends and other classmates. Have you been to the library in your rotation yet? Do they have the fairy series you are reading? I have been doing alot of reading during my summer break I hope to keep it up.
I pray that your counts will stay within good range and you can continue on the upswing of these final treatments. I really feel so bad that you have to endure those horrible mouth sores and that mouth care treatment taste so yucky. When you mouth is feeling better get something really good to eat. Like some ice cream. (My absolute favorite treat).
Tell your Dad I hope he is feeling better and on the road to a quick recovery.
Hannah, I will definitely keep all your special friends in prayer along with you sweetie. You are always so thoughtful and thinking of others. You are a true inspiration to so many people. Thank you for being the special girl you are and brightening my day with you beautiful face and smile.
I Love You Much,
Love & Blessings,
Mrs. Baker (Lynnis)