Sunday, Sept 23, 2007

It was a busy weekend for us. After our marathon dinner on Friday night, Saturday was horseback riding. Hannah was insistent that she wanted to canter on her horse. For those of you not familiar with horses, that means to go faster-quite a bit faster. She has been asking about it for a few weeks now, but she really isn't strong enough yet. Well her instructor thought it was worth a try, so she had 2 girls alongside her-one to hold the horse from taking off, and the other to have a hand on Hannah in case she started to fall. She got the horse to canter, and we just watched her body bobbing up and down, starting to lean a bit to the rail. I think she may have cantered once or twice in the past, so she doesn't have really any practice at it yet. In other words, she can't really keep her butt in the saddle! All was fine, it was only a very short canter and she was smiling so big! Of course, the instructor, and the other parents and I all almost had a heart attack. The only to learn is by doing, but her body is not that strong right now, so it's pretty scarey! Another gray hair or two for me, that's for sure.

Today we took a trip out to Montauk to ride bikes and hang out at the beach while the weather is still nice. We didn't get to camp this year, so we thought it would be fun just for the day. Here is a picture of Colby and Hannah on their bikes.
Hannah does well on flat land, and she is getting better at stopping without crashing into something. She can't start by herself because she can't yet keep her balance while trying to get her speed up, so I helped her since Dad's back is not up to that yet. Inevitably she would ride very far away and then stop, needing help to get started again, so we would run up to meet her. She told me this was my exercise for the day...ha ha!
After bike riding we headed to the beach. It was a beautiful day, breezy but nice and even though the water was freezing Colby and Dave went in. Then Colby decided to build a huge sand city while Hannah meanwhile took a siesta.
Great day and a fun weekend. This coming week will be busy, Hannah has her last day of Round 6 chemo as well as a two part/two day MRI. I feel the PMS (pre MRI syndrome) coming on already! Of course we're hoping and praying for good results, and likely won't hear anything until the following week as long as all is good. Grandma and Grandpa will arrive on Saturday to stay while Hannah and I are in the hospital for 6 days at the beginning of October. Hannah has requested they bring her new favorite cookies with them-wedding tea cakes (from Grandma Kochvar, minus the nuts). She is really looking forward to that and having a few days with them before she goes in.

xoxo Kim


Anonymous said...


It's good to see you had alot of fun over the weekend. I also wanted to say that it was totally terrific that this group of women are running on your team. It is a difficult thing to run in a half marathon or a marathon. I am so grateful that everyone out there is so nice, even when they don't even know you. You are so lucky to have so many supporters. We hope all goes well in the next few weeks and we will see you at Christmas.

Aunt Susie

Anonymous said...

hola hannah,

Looks like a really great weekend. I went to the beach too on Saturday but it was in California. I saw some sea lions (lots of them actually). It is great to see you with the Hurriers - what a great name they picked.

Glad all is well and hope to see you soon. Will be in Mattituck this weekend so I will look out for you.



Angela Reinhart said...

Wow....there was so much for me to read today!

I hope you are having a great week and know that I'm always thinking of you and sending big hugs and prayers your way!

Love you lots!!!