Tuesday, Sept 25, 2007

Round 6 is now complete! We had mixed results today from our clinic visit. Hannah's counts continue to go down each week. Her red blood is good, however her ANC is now only 797. Her doctor said that we wouldn't stop her chemo for today since she is in the middle of the cycle, but if they do down again next week, we will have to delay Round 7 by a week in order to treat her with shots to raise her ANC. At this time, there is nothing to do except wait. We won't know until next Tuesday, Oct. 2 if she is going to be admitted or we have to hold off for a week. Obviously, we're hoping for no delays, but if her ANC drops under 750, it will be delayed. From last week, it dropped by 350 points, so although I've learned not to predict what will happen, it's more likely than not that we will have to wait.

The other thing I've learned is not to try and read an MRI by myself. I couldn't decipher anything from the 200 pictures on the MRI disk I brought home with me, and was nearly in a panic by the time her doctor emailed me. The good news is her cranial/neck MRI today was clear with no signs of tumor. I do not yet have the full report, so I don't know all the details, but most importantly, she is still tumor free! Tomorrow is part 2 or her MRI, the spine. She did great today, the MRI took about an hour and she slept for part of the time. She is very happy that tomorrow will be only the MRI, then deaccessing and we're out of there!

One more note-she did great today with accessing. About only 1 tear, and very little fanfare. I asked her why the difference now from before, and she said "you just get used to it after a while." Unbelievable!

We'll update again when we have the results of the spinal MRI. I'll leave you with a picture of Hannah and Riley. Pretty risky wearing that Red Sox hat this time of year, even inside the house!

xoxo Kim


Gramma and Grampa said...

Hi Hannie, Colby, Mommy and Daddy and of course, Riley!! What a lucky dog is Riley to have such a loving family to care for him!!
We were so glad to hear that you got to complete round 6!! YEAH!!!
When Mommy called me today, guess what I was doing---making your cookie dough that you asked for when we come to visit next time. I will just put it in the freezer until we make the next trip.
What wonderful news you had today. I guess we will wait and see about the start of the next round. And how great that you get to go to school.
Did you save some sunflower seeds for us to plant next year in our garden?
You know Hannah---I think Grampa is going to have to get you a Cubs hat to wear too!! You know, your Grampa has been a long time Yankee fan, because your Great-Grandpa was a Yankee fan---but we are also big Cubs fans too. And they are doing so great right now. It is so much fun watching them!! Go Cubs Go--that is the song we get to sing after each win. When you come next summer, we will for sure get tickets to a game for all of us.
Well, sweetheart---we will have to see when we make the next trip to see you. I hope it will be on Tues., but if not, then the next Tuesday.
Prayers and hugs and kisses to you as always. We love you all so much.
Gramma and Grampa

Angela Reinhart said...

Riley and Hannah have the best smiles!!! ha! ha!

Thank you for the results....it all sounds very good and I'm sending lots of prayers to you that it just keeps getting better!!!

Well, the hat your wearing is atleast the right color....me and the boys are Cardinal's fans - so the color of the hat is right!!! ; )

Have a great week girls (and Dave!)!!!

Love - Angela

Anne Salice said...

Impressive MRI!! And even more impressive, how you're handling your port accessing these days, very very very impressive!!!! I am sooooooooo happy for you all!!!!!
Now we'll just think positive about next week, and get those counts to all go UP!!
Love and prayers, Anne Salice
P.S. Smile nice on Friday for your pictures- I am sure you will be beautiful!!

T Mac said...

Hannah you go girl with that Red Sox hat. Ryan is a Mets and Red Sox fan. Great to hear the MRI report is positive and God Bless You! You are in our thought and prayers continually. Love, The McCaffery's

Anonymous said...

Hannah Banana and the rest of the Prokop gang...what great news about the MRI! I am so happy for all of you...hey even Riley is psyched!
Miss you lots but it looks like you are having a lot of fun and now with Grams and Gramps coming...super!
Keep on getting better my love
Mrs V

cildar said...

Dear Hannah,
You and Riley look wonderful, especially since you have that Red Sox hat on. The man from Boston is still wearing the Yankees hat you gave him and it sure hasn't been easy here in Massachusetts now that it is down to "crunch time". Hannah, to keep things fair, we think you should keep wearing the Red Sox hat.
Love to You,
The Griffins