Monday, Nov. 5, 2007

We finally made it-but just barely! Hannah's platelets were great, going from 61 last Thursday to a whopping 244 this week. However, as I suspected, since we stopped the Neupogen shots, her ANC went back down. It was only 687 when read by the machine, which would have stopped us from getting chemo, but to get a truer reading, they calculated it manually and it was 807. Her ANC has to be at least 750 to get chemo (which, by the way, is still considered neutropenic.)

So, today she started Round 8. She is on at home hydration right now, to be sure the chemo is flushed out of kidneys so they are not damaged. Tomorrow, same thing, more chemo, then at home hydration again. This chemo is quite long, we have to wait until her urine is sufficiently diluted, then 1 hour for the chemo, then another 4 hours of hydration at the clinic. We left this morning at 6:30am and got home tonight at 5:30pm. With all the anti-nausea drugs she also gets, along with the anti-pneumonia drug today, she wasn't so happy. Or it could have been that this morning she ate two packs of Oreos, 5 bags of Doritos, and an apple all before 11am. That was it until dinner tonight when she ate a cheese tortilla.

I think Tod would have made it feel better, but I was glad he wasn't here with us yet. They said today we could pick him up on Friday after he has a full vet check this week, but we're hoping it's a bit sooner. We'll check with them on Wednesday. She wants to take him to clinic next week for her blood check, but considering the risk for a transfusion and a very long stay at any time, that won't happen (yet). We will sneak him in one day, he could easily fit in your pocket.

One exciting thing I forgot to note from yesterday. Someone mentioned that they saw Hannah's commerical for Songs of Love on television this past weekend. She thought it was either the Discovery Channel, or TNT so I have been browsing through the stations since then trying to catch it. She said it was wonderful and brought a tear to her eyes! I'm not sure if it is playing around the country, or just in the east but I will try to find out. The production company is sending me a copy so I will post it when I receive it, but I would really love to see it on tv!

Thanks for continuing to visit and lend your support to Hannah and our family. It means a lot that you have stuck with us through this long journey.

xoxo Kim


Mylese said...

Hannah! Congratulations on your new puppy. I can't wait to see a picture of him!
We have been collecting money for Hannah's Cans for Cancer. My daughter, Anna was very excited to help make the can to collect money. You have been an inspiration to alot of people, my dear!
Much love and many prayers,
The Reyes Family

Anonymous said...

Dear Hannah,
I still can't believe you are/were on a commercial ! Thats like awesome. Hope Tod is healthy and you are able to bring him home soon. Have a good, no school Tuesday !

Tori :]

Debbie Amato (Jake's Mom) said...

Hi Amy
I too had a great time with you, Jean and Carolyn on Saturday. It was so nice to talk with friends who really get it. I love this Blog on Hannah's journey. I hope you are getting through these tough 2 days and Hannah isn't feeling too sick. I can't wait to meet the new puppy. I have not seen the commericial again but will let you know as soon as I do.
Love to you all-
Debbie Amato - Jake's mom

Debbie Amato (Jake's Mom) said...

Kim - So I wrote "Hi Amy" as I was talking with my niece Amy - Sorry!
Love, Debbie

Anonymous said...

Dear Hannah, We hope you get Tod soon and have lots of fun with him. We can't wait to see his picture (or maybe you can sneak him into school sometime)! Joe has been reading alot of dog books lately and he wanted to let you know that terriers are the best diggers in the world! Colleen has a chihuahua webkinz and she likes her alot.
We really love your song and hope to see the commercial.
We miss you and love you like always! Love, Colleen & Joe

Anonymous said...

Hi Hannah -

greetings from Germany, so maybe I should say Guten Tag liebchen.

You certainly have been having a busy week, back on track with your treatments, new dog in the wings and haloween - all pretty much at the same time. It makes me tired to think about it all!

Will send news about life in Germany soon.