Thursday, Nov. 1, 2007

No chemo today, unfortunately Hannah's platelets were only 61, and they had to be 100 to get the chemo. It's probably better anyway that her body has some extra time to come up and past 100, so that she is stronger before the drug totally collapses her again. We have an appointment for Monday, and expect that her counts will be fine to have chemo on Monday and Tuesday.

We all had fun yesterday trick-or-treating. Hannah made it to about 8 houses, before she tired out. Then I carried her for another 8 houses before I got tired, and she made it the rest of the way in style riding in the wagon. Colby took her bag around for her, so she still collected a lot of candy (just what we need, more candy!!). She is a great big sister and had no trouble carrying around 2 heavy bags of candy. I think Hannah got a bit bored in the wagon, watching everyone else run from house to house. She told me that it was not that much fun because she was too tired. I have to give her a lot of credit though, she didn't complain and was a trooper. It was hard not to notice the enormous disparity between Hannah in the wagon and all the other kids running around having a great time on Halloween. The look on her face was so sad and quiet and lonely.

Colby went afterwards with her friends and Hannah wanted to stop at two houses on the way home-the neighbor down the road that we don't know with a golden retriever, and our neighbors the Rohrbachs. We did both together and called it a night.

Here are a few pictures of us on Halloween.
xoxo Kim


Grampa and Gramma said...

Hi Girls: How neat you look in your costumes!! Mommy did a great job making them fit, didn't she?!! Now you have lots of candy to enjoy, but limit Mommy. I know how much she likes chocolate and she always wants you girls to get lots of candy so she can get her share too!!
Talk to you soon.
Grampa and Gramma

Heide said...

Hi Kim and Hi Hannah!! Love the pictures!! ALL you girls look GREAT!!! :)

Hannah, I hope your counts come up so that you can get your chemo next week (sucks to have to HOPE for chemo, I know ...)

Glad you had an **OK** time trick or treating. Kim, thank you for your email. I'd like to add Hannah's name to my "list", if you'd allow me to. Just let me know.

I hope you all have a nice weekend.

m/o ^Jessica^

Erin said...

You looked awesome in your costumes!! I wish I was at my parents so I could have seen you all dressed up. It was good to see you earlier in the day, I hope Dingo didn't scare you! She is a very friendly dog :)Enjoy your candy!

Anonymous said...

wow what great halloween costumes...nice job mom! I am so glad you had a good night and a great haul! I remember raiding my kids bags after they were asleep, of course only taking ones where there were doubles! We had lots of kids here that night...more than ever and even had 2 miniature ponies who were dressed up as well.
Get strong hannah banana! You are on the final leg of a long marathon but you are a trouper! And when this is all too will be running next halloween... Love you LOTS
Mrs V

Natalie said...

Hi Kim, Hannah, Colby & Dave,
Love the pics of the girls and their beautiful mom on Halloween. Thanks soooo much for the absolutely awesome eggplant parm. It was half gone by 4:30. Now Im stuffed.
Wondering if you were able to bring Todd home today. Do you think they would give me the day off on Monday to dog sit???? I just might call cindy on her cell and ask.
Good luck to Colby with her basketball this weekend, hey, score a few points for the team, will ya? I know you love it.
XOXO Thanks so much again!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kim and Hannah,
You and your sister look great in your Halloween costumes. I hope you had fun trick or treating. Kim--It was great to see you today and I had a nice time talking with you. See you Tuesday, hopefully it will be a long day for both of us!
Carolyn (Kaitlyn's Mom)

Anonymous said...

Dear Hannah,
I heard that your going to get another dog !!! Todd !!! Todd and Riley !!! awwww. You should put a picture of Todd on your blog sometime. Maybe I will see Todd on Friday after school before gymnastics. Anyway, hope you had a wonderful Halloween !!!

:] Tori