Sunday, Nov. 4, 2007

Tomorrow is our day, so let's hope Hannah's platelets are up over 100. The doctor seemed to think it should be up by tomorrow, so we'll see. Hannah will come home with her needle still in, and receive 12 hour overnight hydration. Then we go back Tuesday for another day of chemo, and more hydration Tuesday night. I will deaccess her myself on Wednesday morning. Keep your fingers crossed everyone!

So it seems the word is out about Tod (named after Tod-with only one "d"-from the Fox and the Hound). A local puppy store offered Hannah a puppy about a month ago. We have been visting shelters and the puppy store off and on for the last several months. Recently, the owner of the puppy store told Hannah that when she was ready, any puppy in the store was hers. Talk about excited, WOW! I told her that after this round of chemo, we would go and pick out a puppy. Last week she fell in love with a small puppy-he's a cross between a Chihuahua and a Boston Terrier-a dog that is small and stays small, which was her #1 request. I finally gave in and said it was time. We don't have it yet. We were due to pick it up today, but it seems the dog may be recovering from an illness, so the vet will check it out first before we bring it home, just to be sure. I will wait to post a picture until I know for sure. Hannah was very upset tonight when we didn't bring it home and cried the whole way home. We have already been shopping and have everything all set for the new addition to our family. So, stay tuned for more information very soon!

This weekend I did have the opportunity to attend a spa day at the hospital for moms. It was a very nice day, not so much because of the wonderful aromatherapy and massage, but because of the other moms I got to meet. I see so many children and their parents at clinic, but really do not get to meet or talk to them. I know them only through their children and their children's illnesses. I met Carolyn, Jean and Debbie and spent time just taking with them. When you are able to speak together about things like neutropenia, counts, ANC, hemoglobin, Cyclophosphamide, platelets, stem cell transplant, etc. without explanation it bonds you. It really is like another world, one that you never wanted to become a part of, but one now that I feel comfortable in. This world is now our reality.

More tomorrow, after our hopefully long day at the clinic (as Carolyn put it!)

xoxo Kim


Anonymous said...

Dear Hannah,
Tod seems very adorable- part Chihuahua and part Boston Terrier. To tell the truth I've never seen a Chuhuahua in my entire life (well except in pictures and such) ! Hope you get Tod soon ! Adorable Tod !
Tori :]

Angela Reinhart said...

Sending you love and prayers for your day today and that Tod feels better soon!

Thank you for your kind??? gift....the boys have had a BLAST with them and our house has only taken a mild beating! ha! ha! ha!

Love you all lots!

Randy, Angela, Logan and Noah

cildar said...

Dear Hannah and Kim,
We will be thinking of you, Hannah with our prayers this week. You are so close to the end. If there is a celebration, we'll be there to give you a big HUG, Hannah.

Kim, it was good for you to take time out from your busy life to have a special therapy day and meet others who can provide support to you. You are not alone.

There is nothing like the love of a puppy, and we hope that Riley won't be too jealous of the attention to the newest member of the Prokop family.

Hannah, Look for the mail with a special something from the Boston Red Sox fan you met in Boston. (mailed today) We hope you'll wear it and remember the "man from Boston with all the hats". It is our thank you for rooting for the Red Sox during the World Series games.
Love, Judy and Dennis