Thursday, Nov. 8, 2007

I have managed to post Hannah's commercial that she was in for the Songs of Love Foundation here on the left hand side. It is a streamed link from YouTube, so if you have trouble viewing it here, please let me know and I can email you the direct link for YouTube. The commercial is only playing in the New York City area. I am still hoping to see it sometime on tv. Hannah has seen it and she said she doesn't like the part where they show her eyes moving to the side. I told her it's because she wouldn't look up during the filming of the whole thing! She was very tired, and had just been given a strong anti-nausea medication. I felt badly for her, at the time it was the last thing she wanted to be doing. But, she has listened to her song over and over and over and we love it! John Beltzer and his team do such a wonderful job and are so giving. It's a wonderful organization.

Also, here are some more pictures of Tod. Hannah took the two of him outside, and the other is of her giving him a bath today. We took him to the vet, and he is now on medicine for a cough, but he seems to be doing well overall. He weighs a whole 3.8 pounds.

Hannah had a quite a busy day today, taking Tod to the vet, doing homework and her studies, making a card for her classmates (with lots of pictures of Tod), giving Tod a bath and taking one herself. By 6:00pm she was overtired and crying. With her falling counts, her stamina is going down right now. She needs a nap, or early bedtime, or both, but overall she is hanging in there. She ate a little more today, though not up to what she was eating before chemo.

xoxo Kim


Mylese said...

Hi Hannah!

We love your commercial! (I think you look very sweet when you look to the side with your eyes!) And your puppy!....he is SOOOO sweet. I'm glad that he and Riley get along so well.

Much love,
The Reyes Family

Anonymous said...

Dear Hannah,
Tod is sooooo adorable !!! 3.8 pounds of pure cuteness!!! Your commerical was wonderful !!!in my opinion, the part where your eyes were to the side looked nice. :]


Anonymous said...

Hey Hannah,

Tod loooks like alot of fun. If Sydney was there she would be trying to hold him the whole time.

Hoping that you feel better soon.

Aunt Susie

Gramma said...

HI Hannah: I just watched your commercial. You are now officially a star!! You did a great job.
Looks like Tod will be doing just fine. I didn't think in the first pictures he looked really little, but you can really see how small he is in these pictures.
Do I owe you any money for water??!! Let me know.
Have fun with Tod. I know he is going to help you feel better every day.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kim and Hannah,
Tod is so cute! Thanks for the pictures. Kaitlyn and I were so happy that both of you were at clinic with us on Tuesday--it really made the time go by much faster. We finally left at 5:45!
Hope you have a great weekend!
See you both soon
Carolyn and Kaitlyn

Mrs. Baker said...

Dear Hannah Sunshine,
Well, look at you taking such good care of little Tod. He is so adorable. I love small dogs too. I am glad Riley has adjusted to the new family member. I am sure they will get on wonderfully.
I hope you are feeling better and your counts do not soar down too low. You really on coming to the end road. I miss seeing you at school. Hang in there sweet one. You are an amazing girl.
Good for you Kim to have some time to visit with other Moms' and have a nice well needed massage. I bet you felt like you were in another place for a change.
Hannah, I have not been able to see your commerical. Please let me know what channels when you know and I will try to see asp. The song is so beautiful.
I have been very busy still working at school and then the library in the evening so time just escapes me so quickly.
I pray for you to have a well rested weekend and will begin to feel better soon.
You are always in my prayers and on my heart kindred spirited girl.
I Love You Much,
Mrs. Baker (Lynnis)

Erin said...

Tod is adorable!!! Now that you have met my dog, I think I need to meet BOTH your dogs!! I just got a new kitten, so I know how excited you must be to have a new addition to your family :) I'm glad you are doing well and I love your commercial! I have set my DVR to record some TNT shows in hopes that I will catch your commercial in 'real' time.

<3 Erin

Anonymous said...

I LOVE Tod... He is so perfect for you. And your commercial is fantabulous! You are a natural Hanana Banana! I see a movie contract in your future young lady. Take good care my little one and keep those counts on the rise!
Mrs V

Anonymous said...

Dear Hannah,

I just love Tod, he is so small, not like commander, maybe oneday they could be friends. He looks like he really loves you, but who wouldn't. I think you make a great mommy for Tod. See ya soon love, Mrs.Reimer