Wednesday, Nov. 7, 2007

Tod has landed!

Here are a few pictures, yes he is really that little. We picked him up today and everyone was so excited! They couldn't have been nicer at the puppy store, and gave Hannah the puppy along with food, a leash and a collar. Riley is wondering what in the world has happened, but he has been very good with him so far. Riley is just so much bigger than Tod, that his idea of playing just knocks Tod right over! Tod seems to be holding his own, he is biting Riley as I type. They seem to like each other and there is a lot of licking going on.

Hannah slept until noon today, and then in bed again by 8:30 tonight. She isn't really eating anything, and is complaining of a stomach ache from the chemo. I hope this goes away within a couple of days. We also started shots again today in hopes that her ANC doesn't go to zero again this time, but we'll see. For now, we are lying low and staying away from crowds and germy situations. I'm sure Hannah will find plenty to do with Tod here.

xoxo Kim


Grampa and Gramma said...

Hi Hannie!! Oh, Tod is so cute!! He was certainly worth the wait, wasn't he!! He is different than the puppy that you were playing with in the puppy store when I was with you--but he is just as cute!! Tod doesn't know how lucky he is to be your puppy!!
Hope you are feeling better every day sweetheart!!
Love you lots.
Grampa and Gramma

Debbie (Jake's Mom) said...

Hi Hannah & Kim - Tod is adorable - I am so glad he is now home with you!! Hope you are feeling better. Stay well.

Love Debbie (Jake's Mom)

Anonymous said...

Dear Hannah,
Tod is the most adorable thing I have ever seen !!!! Aww!!! Hope Tod and you are doing well with everything !
-Tori :]

Anne Salice said...

Who is cuter, Hannah or Tod??!! Enjoy him, you so deserve it!!