Tuesday, Oct. 30, 2007

Hannah had a good day today, made it through a good part of the day at school. I picked her up at 1pm. She ate a good lunch, then rested a bit before we started making cookies to take to clinic on Thursday. Hannah is going to dress up like a chef and hand out the cookies. She really wanted to SELL them and put the money in Cans for Cancer, but I convinced her that giving them away this time would be best. She said when I turned my head, she would be selling them, ha!

Here are a few pictures I couldn't get to post yesterday, wanted to share them for the weekend. We kept Hannah pretty sheltered this weekend, considering her low counts and fatigue level, so things were pretty low key.

With Colby and their friend Emilie (and Hannah's surprise cake),

Out walking the dog yes, she's in there

With one of Grandma and Grandpa's huge pumpkins they brought from their own garden!

xoxo Kim


Dana said...

Hi Hannah,

This is one of Aunt Liza's friends. We miss Liza over here at the Rainforest Alliance since she moved to Germany, but I'm glad I can still visit your blog and see your beautiful face in all these pictures! It looks like you have made some good friends at the hospital.
And you must be so happy the Red Sox won! I bet your cheering helped them.
I liked those pumpkins you carved. I looked all over for a pumpkin to carve, but they were sold out at all the stores...I wonder why?!
Take care, Hannah!

Mrs. Baker said...

Dear Hannah Love and family,
Wow! what great pumpkins.!! Did they all come from grandma and grandpa's garn awksome. I miss my garden. Maybe next year will start another one. Were you able to go out trick or treating? Don't worry I have plenty of candy left. It was very quite in my neighborhood and it is usually very very busy. I was so happy the weather stayed nice for all.
Thank you for sharing your pictures from the clinic. Rob looks like great fun. Did he root for the Red Sox? I am so glad this series is over at last.
Next time you come to the library you have to take the book out One Potato, Two Potato from Cynthia DeFelice. I really enjoyed this folktale. Happy Reading. Another of my favorites tht I actually storytell is The Talking Eggs antoher folktale.
Hannah, sweet girl I am sorry your counts have been so low and I pray that they were much improved today for you to continue to move forward.
Always remember many prayers are sent your way and their are always angels upon you. Hang on my kindred spirited girl your journey is almost over.
I Love You Much,
Love & Blessings,
Mrs. Baker (Lynnis)