Friday, Oct 12, 2007

Today is Friday, Day 4 of this 5 day chemo round. Yesterday she didn't nap at all, and even stayed up to watch Survivor! We try to stay busy during the day with crafts and games and movies. She doesn't like to do too much moving around because of her needle and the IV pole. Her eating is not great, but not terrible. She gets in some rice, rolls, soup, poptarts and of course a bit of candy too.

Grandma and Grandpa came up today for a visit. The brought some new crafts and a nice packet from Mrs. Grossman, Hannah's art teacher. Here is Hannah with her beautiful horse picture she colored. Mrs. Grossman always sends the best goodies, thanks! She slept today for all of about 10 minutes before the doctors came by on their rounds. Hannah is doing well and her counts are good, drifting down a bit but not crashing.

The Smiles for Scott Foundation just brought around the candy cart, so that's always a fun time. Hannah told the nurses at school that she would bring them something, so the cart came back for a second round and Hannah got something for each of them. I don't know if I mentioned before that the Foundation sent Hannah a nice thank you note after we donated the money from her bake sale. Then, a couple weeks after that we received a beautiful plaque from them also, which was personalized for Hannah and specifically thanked her for holding the bake sale for them. We were so touched by it. I spoke quite a bit with Scott's mom today, it's been 2 years since her son Scott died from medulloblastoma. She said Scott was in this room that Hannah is in for quite a while-although he was in it by himself. I'm not sure I could be back here like she is. She said she still hears the beeps of the machines at night and really can't go into the bone marrow transplant unit (where Scott was for quite a while also.)

So we are stocked for candy now, and Hannah is taking a rest, or at least trying in this very noisy room. We'll leave you this picture of Hannah getting her chemo, still smiling.

xoxo Kim


Anonymous said...

Greetings from the west coast Hannah,
I'm a FOAL (Friend of Aunt Liza) and thinking of you, wishing you well from sunny Seattle! Be strong in this last stretch - be tough like Josh Beckett tonight for the Red Sox. Yes, transplanted Red Sox fans even made it out to Seattle. You've got lots of folks thinking of you wishing you well from all over the world.

Anonymous said...

Hi Hannah! I am another FOAL inspired by your courage, strength, and your incredible efforts in fighting this disease. Your Aunt Liza is so proud of you and she is so lucky to have you as a niece! Keep up the good fight -- to not only to defeat your disease, but in helping others to do the same.
Amy in NYC

cildar said...

Dear Hannah,
When you read this, you are home again. You are a very special girl and we bet that all your classmates are looking forward to your return to school. It is a wonderful idea to bring craft things for the children in the hospital. We redeemed all the empty cans and bottles from the Summer at the Cape and will send you a check because we don't want to send cash through the mail. We hope that you remember all the Red Sox fans you met in Boston and will root for them in the playoffs. The man from Boston has put the Yankees hat away and has gone back to the Red Sox hat and hopes that you will also.
Love, The Griffins