Wednesday, Oct 24, 2007

I'm so excited, the Red Sox are on........ho hum..........

Seriously, we have a split household right now, with Hannah and I rooting for the Red Sox and Colby and Dave rooting for anybody but. Hannah said she's wearing her Red Sox hat tomorrow, which is pretty risky, considering we have a clinic appointment in the heart of Yankee country. I guess when you're 8 and bald you can get away with pretty much anything.

The girls carved pumpkins last night, although no one touched the "inside yucky stuff" except mom. They were hard at work and look how great they came out! I have to take a picture without the flash so you can see how nice they look all lit up.

Tomorrow we have clinic, so hopefully Hannah's platelets are up from last week, so that she can get her next round of chemo next week. She is also still on Neupogen shots, so we also hope they stop those tomorrow.

This weekend our family is heading to New York City for a pumpkin festival and walk through central park. The event is sponsored by the Pediatic Brain Tumor Foundation and the Sunrise camp for cancer kids to raise money. Hannah is going to donate money from her cans for cancer fund. We hope that the weather holds so we can attend! I'm sure we'll have lots of pictures to share from that. We are all looking forward to participating.

xoxo Kim


Anne Salice said...

Hi Hannah
Good luck at clinic tomorrow, sending lots of prayers, all counts are on the rise!
And I hope you have great weather this weekend- that sounds like it will be quite a day.
Love, Anne Salice

Grampa and Gramma said...

HI Girls: Looks like you two had a lot of fun carving pumpkins. I have to carve mine today for all the little beggers that are coming tomorrow night. Then, we are going to have a campfire at the neighbors house. It will be a little cold, I'm sure, but we will have the fire to help us keep warm.
Your pumpkins look great. Be sure Mommy takes a picture of you in your costumes and have fun trick-or-treating!!
Love you all,
Grampa and Gramma

Anonymous said...

Dear Hannah,
Love the pumpkin !! awesome !! I havn't carved my pumpkin yet..but i will sooner or later ! Happy Halloween ! :]


Anonymous said...

Your pumpkins look wonderful ladies! Very creative. I will be keeping positive energy flowing your way for a great clinic today. Please make sure mom lets us all know how you did. Have fun in the Big Apple this weekend. And not to worry even Guilani, the biggest Yankee fan in the world, is rooting for the SOX...this way they can't complain when the Yankees win next year!
Love you guys
Mrs V