Monday, Oct.8, 2007

Hannah's Cans for Cancer reached a total of $357.50 as of today. Since we are anticipating being admitted tomorrow for chemo during the week, Hannah wanted to go out to do some shopping (one of her favorite activities) to get some supplies for Childlife at Schneiders. Here is a picture of her with a trunk full of supplies. She did very well, and still has some money left over. She got so many things like play dough, markers, glue, many games, batteries, blocks, books, dvds, and so much more! We are going to ask them next time for some of their specific requests to ensure we're providing exactly what they need. We went with Grandma, and she and Colby had a great time searching for what they liked. She can't wait to hand them over to Jan and Faye tomorrow!

Thank you to everyone who has helped the cause. We really feel we're making a difference and maybe for a moment are easing the burden of the children with this terrible disease. We can tell you first hand that when you are stuck in clinic for hours getting chemo, or inpatient up on the 4th floor, this is all you have to occupy your time. Even the children who aren't feeling well enough to go out of their rooms enjoy watching a video or playing a game with their mom or dad in their room. We are all making a difference together, thank you so much!

We will update tomorrow from the hospital, hopefully counts will be good enough to stay!

xoxo Kim

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Angela Reinhart said...

How wonderful! That is just so awesome that you are giving back. Knowing that those gifts are coming from people who truly understand what its like to be in that situation makes them even more special.

We love and miss you all! We're sending big prayers your way!!

Love you lots and lots!