Sunday, October 14, 2007

We got released today with no issues and are happy to be back home. Before leaving, Hannah got a flu injection to help protect her this year against the flu virus. Our entire family now has been vaccinated and it just shows who the wimps are!!

Hannah is on Neupogen shots again so that her levels don't go too low. She is also on two anti-nausea meds for this week, instead of the normal one. She did really well this round, with minimal bouts of nausea and no vomitting, although the ringing in her ears is already back. It did go away last time after this medicine, took a couple of weeks.

It was a very difficult admission for us this time, regardless. The floor was packed with patients, we had to move rooms once due to issues and Hannah also received the wrong dose of medicine two days in a row before it was caught.

You didn't read this incorrectly, she was overdosed, again! I won't go into a lot of technical detail here, but she was given 10 times the amount of diuretic medicine on Wednesday and Thursday with her chemo infusion. The nurse noticed it after the dosage was written differently (correctly) when it came up from pharmacy on Friday. It wasn't an easily identifiable mistake, and even though I check each dosage myself, it was very complicated to figure out and even harder to notice. It wasn't like the medicine bag said 10 grams and the dose should have been 5 grams.

We knew when the attending walked into our room on Friday night at 7pm that something had to be wrong. They don't just visit. Fortunately, all of her levels checked out, and it did not adversely affect her because some of the side effects of overdose of this medicine are quite serious. Thank goodness it wasn't the chemo, or we would be in a different situation. Doesn't leave you with the best of feeling.

But, Round 7 is complete, and we are looking toward the future. Hannah is going to school tomorrow although not that excited about it (it goes without saying that she would rather be home with Grandma baking cookies all day). I hope she can stay for the day, but we'll see. We go back to clinic on Thursday to check levels again.

Thanks to all for the cans that have been dropped off. The first thing Hannah did when we arrived home today was run over and check the bins for cans, and wow, there were lots!

xoxo Kim

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Anonymous said...

Hannah-I'm so glad you have another round of chemo behind you. Congratulations! Your can fundraising project is an inspiration to me. I hope you were able to enjoy some of the new toys your bought for the hospital.
With love,