Tuesday, Oct 2, 2007

Today at clinic was not what we were hoping for, but not entirely unexpected. Hannah's ANC was only 547, and it has to be at least 750 to begin a new round of chemo. I was somewhat surprised that her doctor did not put her on the neupogen shots to boost her ANC until the next round. The reasoning was that she would only get a few days of shots in before they would have to be stopped 48 hours prior to chemo. Since they don't do routine admissions during the weekend, the earliest she could be admitted to start would be Monday, and we're already scheduled to start next Tuesday. He figures she is on the way back up now, and her body can come up on it's own by Tuesday, so why put her through the shots. They are not a guarantee anyway.

So, Hannah walked out today pretty happy. No accessing, no hospital and no shots! We really don't want her treatments delayed, becuse the chemo is precisely scheduled to be most effective. The longer you get away from that schedule, the less effective the chemo becomes. We are hoping for no more delays. The doctor did increase her appetite stimulant medicine because she has not been eating well over the past 2 weeks and that is going to get even worse as the chemo progresses in the next 3 rounds. She has lost weight the last two visits, and while it has not been a substantial amount, we don't want to see that trend continue.

For the rest of this week, no clinic visits and no treatments. She won't go to school tomorrow due to low counts. We were home schooling today after chemo anyway, and already have the homework for the week, so we'll play it by ear for the rest of the week. I would like her to go to school to keep with her routine, but also don't want to risk an infection prior to the next round. She is also quite tired, her hemoglobin is low, but not dangerously so, and she is sleeping quite a bit. She'll have the next several days to rest up.

xoxo Kim


Anonymous said...

I have started to save the cans that we have in our house that say NY on them. We don't have to pay a deposit but I will find a way to get them to you. Maybe grandma and grandpa can bring them for me on their next trip to see you. You are doing an awsome job and keep up the good work because I am sure that the kids would like all the new game and craft supplies.

Lots of love,
Aunt Susie

Mrs. Baker said...

Dear Hannah Love and family,
You are an awesome girl!! You are always thinking of others and such an inspiration to us all. I Love your sign Hannah's Cans For Cancer and what a fabulous idea. I know so many people will respond and be happy to be a part of this in your honor.
How was the marathon? I was away yet again. I hope all went well.
I love all your recent pictures. It looks like you had a wonderful time in Montauk.riding bikes and enjoying the beach. This has been amazing weather. I have been going to the beach almost everyday after school. I went today and went swimming and it was beautiful. Fist time ever I have swam at the beach in October.
I just don't want this to end. I hear this weekend will be beautiful too, but I will be away and not able to get to any beach.
As for the Red Sox hat,okay I guess you should show support to your friends in Boston but I know your really rooting for the Yankees'
I was so glad to hear the good news about your MRI results. I will continue to pray that your counts are on the rise so you will not have any further delays on your next rounds of chemo. Rest up this weekend and eat good. I know you are awaiting you favorite cookies from Gramma but do the best you can.
I look forward to your return to school and being blessed with your presence and beautiful smile.
I Love You Much,
Love & Blessings,
Mrs.Baker (Lynnis)

Angela Reinhart said...

Hi there Prokop family! I hope that the rest of your week has been going well and that everything gets back on schedule!

I'm sending lots of thoughts, love, and prayers your way!

Love you lots and lots!


Kathleen Brooks said...

Hi Hannah,
You don't know me but I'm a good friend of Great Grandma K and Grandma April and your mom and Aunt Susie. Your grandmother keeps me caught up with your progress. I also read this blog your mom has set up. It's a great way for everyone to know how you are doing. You are a very brave little girl. I love to look at your pictures too. I am so sorry you are having this set back. I hope you get back on track real soon. Please know that even tho I have never met you, I pray for you and think about you and your family every day. Lots of hugs & Kisses and zillions of prayers, Kate Brooks

Anonymous said...

(this is just an idea) but maybe when the famous people come to the hospital you can start a collection of autographs ! It just came to my mind. I hope your feeling better !
Always there ,
Tori :]

Anonymous said...

Dear Hannah,

My name is Marcel and I am a FOALS I am in Amsterdam and my hart fills with joy and pride to see you do well and deddicate your time in helping other kids with cancer as well.

Lots of hugs from Holland