Sunday, October 21, 2007

Another busy weekend since Hannah is feeling good and her energy level is pretty good. Saturday was Rally Day at the 4H. Here is Hannah with her purple team and Hannah on Finessa. All riders were split up into teams who then competed against each other in fun. I was a bit apprehensive with her platelet count down, but everything was fun and safe. I ran alongside Hannah during the day to be sure her horse didn't get any ideas about running off. Having said that, a few girls did actually get thrown from their horses. No-one was hurt, thank goodness, but it's still scarey to see. That's the thing about horseback riding, you can be a very good rider and still get thrown if the horse decides (which is why I'm always on the sidelines wringing my hands until each lesson is over). Colby and I spent the rest of the day traveling west to her basketball game, while Dave and Hannah came home, took a trip to the library to pick out new books with Mrs. Baker, hit some tennis balls and hung out with Riley.

Today Hannah went bowling at Mary Kate's birthday party, then came home and drove in to her dad's gym to go swimming. There is an indoor pool there that they like to go to. She was planning on having ice cream when she got home, but said she was too tired. She still gets fatigued at the end of the day, but has no trouble right now making it through the day with lots of activity.

We go back to clinic on Thursday for a recheck on her counts, hopefully her platelets will be up by then and her ANC will be ok so that I can stop giving her the shots.

Thank you to all of you who have supported Hannah in her Cans for Cancer campaign. So far she has received donations from friends in 4 different states! Thank you so much.


Aunt Paige said...

Hello Hannah,
I am jealous! Looks like you had a great time riding. He is a beautiful horse and you look very professional on him. I think of you often. Hope you have a Happy, Happy Halloween! Your card is in the mail.
Love Aunt Paige

Anonymous said...

Hi Hannah,

Heather from the Rainforest Alliance here. It's wonderful to hear that you are feeling so well and on the last set of your chemo! You are such a brave girl and an inspiration! Take care and keep us posted.

I fell off of a horse once... I was in Arizona at a Dude Rance. It had been snowing and that was unusual for the area. Just as we were crossing a steep cliff, my saddle slipped off. The horse, who at this point wasn't in the best mood, was nice enough to let me ride him back to the ranch!



Grampa and Gramma said...

WOW Hannie: You have been really busy since we left your house. We are so glad that you are feeling up to riding and swimming.
I can see why you like riding Finessa. She is as beautiful as you said she was and she looks very gentle--just like you described her. I didn't get to see her when I took Colby to riding lessons. I can tell that you and she are going to be great friends!!
Grampa and I put out our halloween decorations yesterday. Kind of late, I know, but we didn't do that before we came to your house. Maybe I can take a picture of the ghosts and e-mail it to you--that is if I can figure out how to do all of that electronic "stuff" like Mommy!!
Sounds like you had a good time at Mary Kate's birthday bash!! I know how much you like to go bowling!!
Have fun in school with all of your friends. You are doing fantastic sweetheart!!
Love you bunches!!
Grampa and Gramma

cildar said...

Dear Hannah,
It looks like you had a really super time riding on Saturday. Our daughter, Tara, loved riding horses and I still have a small box with all the ribbons she won at horse shows back when she was a teenager. She has a family now and lives in London in England and often takes herself off to ride for an hour of relaxation.
Dear Hannah, we hope you remember all those many folks wearing Red Sox hats you must have seen when you and Mom were in Boston and we think you can bring them good luck against the Colorado Rockies if you wear your Red Sox hat. Everyone in Boston was pretty tired today staying up until after midnight last night watching the Red Sox win the American League championship. There is huge excitement here in Massachusetts. Since your Dad went to Boston College, we think he should root for the Sox against the Colorado Rockies to win the World Series and you may want to lend him your lucky Red Sox hat sometimes. Please tell him we said so...
With our Love, The Griffins

Anonymous said...

Hi Hannah! I live in Minnesota and am a friend of your Aunt Liza. I can see you've had a busy summer! Riding horses?! Wow! We have some things in common. First of all, I have a daughter named Hanna, but she doesn't have an "h" at the end of her name. She's 10 and in fifth grade. She likes to ride horses too! Also, my mother has gone through some of the things that you have experienced recently, like chemo. That was a long time ago, and now she is 75 years old and lives in NY! Anyway, I'm glad to see that you are feeling better and especially that you are finding the time in your busy days to go out and have fun. Oh, I forgot to mention, my daugher Hanna was recently diagnosed with a disease called juvenile diabetes. She's okay and has good doctors, too. Hanna says it's just part of who she is, and just like you, she doesn't let it keep her from her number one job as a kid, and that's having fun!! Take care. Dave

Anonymous said...

Hello Hannah!!!!
I'm Carolina from Guatemala, you know? Central America, below México.
I was looking at your pictures, you were pretty bussy this weekend :). I love horses, but actually I just learned how to ride one (and I'm already 30 years old hahahaha) it was fascinating, so I can imagine how much you enjoyed it.
I work in the Rainforest Alliance, and I like it a lot, for we work helping people taking care of our lovely planet, and trying to protect the beautiful animals and plants. We have plenty of them here.
Well, I'll write you soon again :) and I hope you keep feeling good!! Take care, and greetings from the warm Guatemala.

Mrs. Baker said...

Hello Hannah Sunshine,
You truly are amazing. Look at you on that beautiful horse. Do you get to groom her as well as ride her. She looks so shiny. How long have you been horse back riding? I rode on a horse once and was a little bit scared of how big the horse was compared to me but you look so happy and relaxed with your horse.
I still can not hear all the verses of your song but was able to copy down the lyrics from the computer. How much your song totally represents who you are. You are truly beautiful and a wonderful inspiration to all of us.
Well, girl the big game in on tonight at 8pm. I will be at the library working until 8 and then home to watch the game. I have not seen the Rockies play so I am in for a treat. Good luck to your friends in Boston. They are all cheering pretty loudly.
Hannah, I pray all your counts and blood work come back in good standing and you keep going forward to your next treatment.
May your days ahead be filled with sunshine and happiness to your soul. You will always be a kindred-spirit to me.
I Love You Much,
Love & Blessings,
Mrs. Baker( Lynnis)