Check out Hannah's Song of Love

The link to Hannah's Song of Love is now working, just click on the play arrow on the sidebar to your left to hear Hannah's Song. I will post the words later.....


Joke said...

Hi Hannah! It's Joke from Amsterdam checking in again (Friend of your aunt liza's!). It's been awhile since I've checked your blog. I'm really impressed with all the activism things you've been doing! The world needs more people like you!!!

momofthree said...

Hi Hannah,

Listened to your song and loved the beautiful voices singing it. I'm looking forward to knowing the lyrics - were they talking about Riley? Us old people don't always hear well, so I might have imagined that part.

Anyway, it was very pretty and you should be proud of "your song".

Keep up the good work.

Love Mrs. Purick

momofthree said...

Hi Hannah,

Mrs. Purick again.

Okay, did you guys change the song?! Now my comments above sound silly.

This one really sounds like your song now.

Love Mrs. Purick

(I told you I was old)

Nicole said...

Hi Hannah!

I'm a friend of your Aunt Liza's, working for Rainforest Alliance and living in New York. I've been following your blog for a long time now and I think that you're incredible. Your courage and creativity is an inspiration to so many of us! Stay strong!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Hannah,

That was a great song and I really liked it. I talked about all of your favorite things and they included all of the most important things to you . I am glad that you are finally out and get to be home with mom, dad, Colby, Riley, and of course grandma and grandpa. We have some cans for you and I will try to get them out to you soon.

Aunt Susie

Anonymous said...

Hannah, another Friend of Aunt Liza here in NY, THANKING YOU for the love and beautiful deeds. They will come back to you a millionfold.


Mrs. Baker said...

Dear Hannah Love,
Wow!! alot has been happening in since I was away this weekend.
You are now a movie/singer star. I am at the library working tonight but could not get the music to play on the computer. I hope when I get home it will come up on my computer. Looking forward to the lyrics. You continue to amaze me every minute.
Good job on the fundraising with your collection of cans. I will send you money this week.
I am happy to hear you have completed this round 7 -- you truly are coming down that steep hill you go girl. I am also thaankful you did not have any adverse reactions from that over medicated episode. I am sure now that you are home you will begin to feel better. There is nothing like home and especially since gramma and grampa will be visiting that is the best.
Well, I watched the last 3 games of the Red Sox. What is happening? Maybe we have to do another switch over to the Indians. Let's see what happend=s next game.
I hope to see you back to school in a few days. I always miss your beautiful smile around campus.
Get plenty of rest and try to eat well to build up your strength.
I Love You Much,
Love & Blessings,
Mrs. Baker ( Lynnis)

Angela Reinhart said...

Hi Hannah! I just listened to your song and had chills and tears because it was perfect!!! You are an amazing little girl!

Sorry I've been absent lately - Noah had his appendix removed on Sunday night and we just got out of the hospital yesterday. I thought about you guys a lot while we were there....2 1/2 days seemed like a lifetime for us and you guys are there a lot longer than that!

Well take care of yourself and know that I'm always thinking and praying for you!! ; )

Love you lots!

Your cousin Angela

Written by Mommy with all her love said...

The song matches you, beautiful!!
Love, Alec and Amy

Richard said...

Hannah, From Vermont this is Richard Donovan of FOAL (you know, those Aunt Liza amigos - Spanish for friends)! May the force be with you! Great reading the blog and notes, and seeing how active you are. Keep it up. Thinking of you, Richard

Jennifer said...

Hi Hannah,

I'm another friend of Aunt Liza's from the Rainforest Alliance. Congratulations on the wild success of your fundraiser! What a cool idea. Your song gave me a big smile. It's so catchy, I think I'm going to be humming it all day.

All the best,

Anonymous said...

Hey Hannah Banana
It has been too long and I have been without my computer so I didn't have your link..which is on my favorites bar. It was so good to catch up on all of your events in your life. Your song is totally fabulous. I am so honored to have you in my life. Keep up all the good work my little one. I am so proud of you and hope that we can catch up in person real soon. Love to mom , colby and dad...and of course riley!

Anonymous said...

Hannah !
I still can't believe your going to be on TV!! To be on TV is like my dream !!! Your sooooo lucky Hananh Banana!! :]
Hope you see you soon !