Monday, November 17, 2008

Our little Tod is in the hospital tonight. He was still vomiting and a bit swollen this morning, so we were off to the vet again. They took another xray, and whatever was in his stomach had not moved since the xray from last night. The doctor recommended he have a scope to check it out before a surgery. So, onto the animal hospital for a sonogram, blood work, general anesthesia, endoscopy and an intestinal biopsy. The spot in the stomach turned out to be sand, with some other junk mixed in with it. The doctor said there was quite a bit of sand in there, which they flushed and vacuumed out. However, the sonogram and scope showed a pretty bad intestinal disease. He said it is a severe condition, and it is most likely a sign of either IBD-intestinal bowel disease or cancer. WHAT?? I thought I was going to throw up when that word came out of his mouth. My face must have looked very strange because he stopped right there. Of course, it's probably not but he had to mention it.

They took four biopsies from poor Tod, and we should have the pathology back in a couple days. Unbelievable. I hated leaving him there today, but they had to keep him for observation and fluids. They also want him to be able to eat without throwing up before he can come home.

Hannah has been asking if Tod is ok, she misses him not being here at home with us. I hope he'll be back tomorrow.

I did want to mention a few things going on now. If you make into McDonalds in the next few weeks, they are running a special campaign to raise money for the Ronald McDonald Houses around the country. We have never stayed in one, but we know many people who have. I never really thought that much about the RMH before, and once in a while I would throw some spare change in the box at McDonalds. But I have seen close up how families rely on RMH, and how much McDonalds does for these families whose children are seriously ill. So, if you are in McDonalds getting those yummy fries, don't forget to help out and donate a dollar to benefit the Ronald McDonald Houses.

I also wanted to make everyone aware of an upcoming fundraiser for Hannah's Cans for Cancer, the 3rd annual Mattituck Cutchogue Teachers Association Turkey Trot. It is a 5K run/walk on Thanksgiving day to benefit local charities, as well as the annual scholarship fund. This year, a portion of the money is being donated to Hannah's Cans for Cancer. We were so excited when they told us of the plan. Our family is participating and already has our forms in, we hope your family will join us too (if you're local of course.) It's a lot of fun, we have done it for the past 2 years, even while Hannah was on chemo. She just amazed me last year with her determination and resilience. I'm sure I posted it here, I just haven't gone back to check yet. You can read all about it HERE: TURKEY TROT , then click on MCTA 3rd Annual Turkey Trot on the right hand side to print off the application also. Let's do it together!!!

Good night everyone, good night little Tod!!


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