Monday, November 24, 2008

No Cancer!! Thank Goodness, Tod does not have cancer. From the pathology, Tod has irritable bowel disease. He remains on steriods for now. We have cut his dose in have since he is acting quite lethargic (although that is not a typical side effect from steroids.) I hope that cutting his dose in half helps him feel a bit better.

It was pretty quiet here over the weekend. Colby and Hannah went to Vermont this weekend with their Aunt Katheen. Although Hannah was quite apprehensive about being away from mom and dad, we spoketo her a few times, and she had a great time. They went to a Fresian horse farm today for driving (carriage) lessons and said the place was incredible. They were on the go quite a bit and even got to see some snow.

Dave and I went to a fundraiser for a little boy named Christopher. Christopher has Gorman's disease... which is an incurable disease that deteriorates the bones. His parents are searching nationwide for some treatment that will help him survive, including clinical trials which aren't covered by insurance.

Speaking of clinical trials, Dave and I are taking Hannah into the city tomorrow. The initial reason was to meet with a pediatric psychiatrist who specializes in kids with brain tumor issues. He also happens to be running a clinical trial which is just starting for a drug that helps with neurological issues following brain tumors. The kids on the trial must meet several criteria prior to be included in the trial. Tomorrow is the first of the screening interviews. We are not sure if we would even include her in this study (although it's a Phase 3 trial, so it's made it through the first 2 phases safely), but we thought we might as well find out a bit more information about it.

Don't forget about the Rudolph Roundup for our dear friend Coleman. I'm so sad to see he can no longer walk by himself, it's heart breaking, but his family is now back in Iowa. You can give them words of encouragement at ColemanScott


I wanted to announce a special raffle that is going on for our friend Coleman (here is his website.) Wonderful Mimi (Julian's Mama) has organized an online raffle to help raise money for the Larson family to support them for Christmas. As you all know, Coleman has been having a tough time lately, and now he is on a new therapy which works by trying to cut off the blood supply to the tumors. So, they march on.

The boys have received many gifts from friends all over the country, so this time Mimi decided to raise money to help the family. This way, they can use it as they need it for Christmas, treatment, just something special for the boys and their family. I think it is a wonderful idea!!!

If you would like to participate, here is how it works (directly from Mimi):

One entry in the raffle is : $5 or three entries: $10 .
(Maximum 3 entries , BUT donations for more welcome.)
There are numerous gift items for the raffle, including things like Team Unite gear, candles, CureSearch items, and even Coleman and Caden tshirts. The raffle winners will be pulled on the boys' birthday, December 10th.

The $$$ will go exclusively to TEAM LARSON (100%) , please be generous ,we want their holiday season to be as amazing as possible...

You can either mail in the money for your entries and/or donations to,
Mimi Avery
111 Aviator dr
Fort Worth , tx 76179

Or paypal them at

If your heart is willing , please include a short (or not) note for The Larsons . Even if you use paypal ,I will print the notes out for them .

I know times are tough for everyone, so do what you feel you can! Thanks to all,


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